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Polytunnel gives you extra long growing season

by Diane - November 25th, 2013.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

A polytunnel extends the growing season both ends.
It brings Spring plants on earlier and protects them from frosts and bad weather.
The autumn end of the season is extended too allowing you to keep sowing and harvesting for longer.
They are a great addition to your growing space if you have the room for one and the money.
These aren’t hugely expensive and are great value. Buy the biggest you are allowed to put up and maximise growing space indoors. Bob Flowerdew has a ‘polytunnel inside a polytunnel’ for an extra warm space for growing more temperature sensitive crops.

Polytunnel Thermal Anti Fog – 6’x8′
Polytunnel – Size: 6′ x 8′; Dimensions: 1.83m (6′) wide x 2.44m (8′) long; Growing Area: 4.46sq.m (48sq.ft.); Cover: Anti Fog.These sturdy polytunnels are made by the same British company that manufactures for professional growers, and will last for many years. They’re practical and economical alternative to a greenhouse and can be used to raise bumper crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc, as well as many other fruit and veg! With help from a friend and a few household DIY tools you can erect them in a day or less.- Hoops, corner stabilisers, foundation tubes and ridge are high tensile galvanised steel tube 25.4mm (1′) diameter. These are driven into the ground for additional fixing.- Cover is heavyweight 720 gauge (180 micron) UVI stabilised polythene, with manufacturer’s 4 year guarantee. It can be simply fitted into a trench for secure anchorage.- Anti Hot Spot Tape is included to help prolong the life of the cover, just add it to the hoops before covering to provide an insulated layer between the steel and polythene.Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.Available in three different sizes, each having a 2m (6′) high door opening, and in a choice of two cover materials:Super Clear: Specially designed for the UK, where light levels are low, it allows 95% light transmission, and also scatters light, so that crops grow more evenly.Thermal Anti Fog: With added UVa and UV B filters that dramatically reduce many fungal diseases like mildew and botrytis. An anti-fogging agent helps reduce condensation forming and dropping on plants, and an Infra-Red additive reduces heat loss, and if using a heater, can save 15-20% on fuel costs!Additionally, you may wish to purchase our:Anchor Plate & Base Rail Kit: The anchor plates are square steel plates that slot over the foundation tubes to prevent lifting/sinking of the framework, giving an easier, stronger and cheaper result than concreting. The Base Rail Kit is an alternative to burying the cover in a trench, providing a treated timber rail which the polythene is fixed to at ground level, which is easier and neater.

Polytunnel Super Clear with kit – 8’x10′ £364.99

Polytunnel Super Clear with kit – 6’x8′ £314.99

Polytunnel Super Clear with kit – 10’x10′ £384.99

Polytunnel Super Clear – 8’x10′ £279.99

Polytunnel Super Clear – 6’x8′ £259.99

Polytunnel Super Clear – 10’x10′ £304.99

Polytunnel Anti Fog with kit – 8’x10′ £379.99

Polytunnel Anti Fog with kit – 6’x8′ £329.99

Polytunnel Anti Fog with kit – 10’x10′ £399.99

Polytunnel Anti Fog – 8’x10′ £299.99

Polytunnel Anti Fog – 10’x10′ £314.99