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Sean’s heating his greenhouse for 4p a day

by Diane - November 25th, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

Parrafin is expensive – we know it works for keeping greenhouses frost free, but the price has gone up and up.

I’d seem this tecnique advertised as a way of heating an office – but here’s Sean using it to heat his greenhouse.

We have a max/min thermometer in ours so if I can find the clay pots to use with it then I’ll measure the temperature. I know I have one large clay pot but it may be I have no small ones! I noticed a price label on sean’s small pot so it might be he didn’t have any either and had to go buy them.
I don’t know where you get such cheap nightlights from though – I think ours were 2p each. But this is an interesting thing to try.