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Windowsill growing

by Diane - November 25th, 2013.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

What can you grow on your windowsill?
There’s lots of easy things you can get growing – and some like the alfalfa will be ready in a week!

Other things like
Mustard White Seeds £1.55
Cress Seeds – Curled £1.55
can also be grown very easily.

Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds
Sweet shoots with a pea-like taste. Ready to eat in just 1 week. Ideal for windowsill gardening.

Radish Seeds – Zlata
Easy to grow. Ready in just 5-6 weeks. Unusual yellow coloured radish.

Leaf Salad Seeds – Stir Fry Mix
Easy to grow. Ideal for stir-frys. Nutritious, mixed leaves.

Tomato Seeds – Red Robin
Dwarf bushy plants. Tasty, cherry sized fruit. Ideal for pot or container growing.

Rocket Microgreens Seeds – Victoria
Grow all-year-round. Packed full of vitamins. Ideal for salads/sandwiches.

Basil Seeds – Aristotle
Compact growth habit. For windowsill, pots or patio. Delicious Greek Basil.

Leaf Salad Seeds – Italian Mix
Nutritious mixed leaves. Easy to grow – just 3 weeks. Tangy, tasty, salads.

Broccoli Sprouting Seeds – Green
Easy to grow. Full of vitamins! Ideal for salads/sandwiches. Microgreens type. Ready in just 1 week.

Leaf Salad Seeds – Spicy
Easy to grow. Tangy, tasty salads. Nutritious mixed leaves.

Chives Garlic Seeds
Mild garlic flavour. Easy to grow perennial. For egg, cheese and potato dishes.

Basil Seeds – Sweet
Tasty, aromatic leaves. The true Italian basil. Easy to grow.

Cress Seeds – Curled
Easy to grow. Delicious with mustard. Ideal for windowsill growing.

Leaf Salad Seeds – Cos Lettuce Mix
Easy to grow. Sweet, colourful leaves. Great source of vitamin A. Ready in just 3 weeks.