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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - November 27th, 2013.
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MowDirect has these new products today

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start - Code: 412 (Ex-Demo - 2 Hours)

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start – Code: 412 (Ex-Demo – 2 Hours) £499.00
From the pioneering manufacturers of the world’s first production rotary-mower, this feature-packed rear-roller machine will come into its own in hands of the more exacting domestic gardener. It has a self-propelled drive and a narrow 41cm cut, so is perfect for smaller lawns with areas that might be difficult to traverse with a hand-propelled model. Power for the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive comes from a premium-quality Briggs & Stratton engine from the American manufacturer’s acclaimed 650-Series. This high-performance 190cc four-stroke power-unit develops an impressive 5hp and features an electric starter for effortless, trouble-free ignition every single time. An aluminium cylinder-lining and an automotive-style pleated paper air-filter combine to maximise engine-life. At the heart of the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower is a cast aluminium chassis that confers lightweight strength and long-term corrosion-resistance. Durability is further enhanced by a cutter-bar friction disc that prevents crankshaft and engine damage should you accidentally contact an immoveable object. This superbly well-equipped roller-mower has been furnished with a variable-speed transmission, which has two clear advantages over a standard single-speed drive – firstly you can select a ground-speed that’s most appropriate for the conditions; and secondly you can operate at a pace you find comfortable. The forward-speed can be adjusted between 1.5 and 3mph. In order to ensure optimum performance in terms of both cut and collection, the Harrier 41 Autodrive has been fitted with a series of aerodynamic front-mounted fins. It’s supplied with a high-volume 53-litre grassbag, so you’ll be able to pack-in plenty of cut-grass between stops; and it has an OPC (Operator Presence Control), which guarantees the safety of the operator and other people near the mower.

Al-Ko 520BR Premium 4-in-1 Petrol Power Driven Lawnmower (Ex-Demo: 2 Hours Use)

Al-Ko 520BR Premium 4-in-1 Petrol Power Driven Lawnmower (Ex-Demo: 2 Hours Use) £349.00
The Al-Ko 520BR Premium 4-in-1 Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower is supplied with a high-performance, easy-to-fit mulch-plug, giving you the choice of mulching, collection and side or rear-discharge. Its ultra-reliable 190cc Briggs & Stratton 675-Series engine is always easy to start, and produces enough power to tackle even thick, damp grass. This dependable engine comes with a two-year homeowner warranty. Thanks to its self-propelled drive and very generous 51cm width-of-cut, the Al-Ko 520BR is a fast, efficient performer on the larger lawn. Its rugged power-coated steel deck provides a solid cutting-platform and confers outstanding durability; while its seven-position height-of-cut (30 – 80mm) gives you the flexibility required to deal with different grass-types and weather conditions, as well as allowing you to fine-tune your finish. A large-capacity 70-litre grass-collector is included, so you can put in lengthy stints between emptying-stops.

McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel 4-in-1 Self-propelled Lawn Mower (Honda Engine) (Showroom Model)

McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel 4-in-1 Self-propelled Lawn Mower (Honda Engine) (Showroom Model) £299.00
This Honda-powered Hi-wheel lawnmower from leading brand McCulloch is offered exclusively in the UK by MowDIRECT,It comes packed with features and has four different cutting options allowing you to switch easily – without tools – between standard collection and mulching mode for lawn areas and either rear or side discharge for rough grass areas where the grass is longer.The mower is powered by a class-leading Honda GCV160 engine which employs an overhead-cam design to ensure fuel-costs are kept at remarkably low levels whilst also reducing noise, vibrations and emissions. The engine is also incredibly easy to start with little effort required to pull the cord. Thanks to its expansive 53cm cutting-width and high-volume 71-litre grass-collector, the McCulloch M53-160DW Lawn Mower will make the task of large-scale lawn-maintenance far less time-consuming.The self-propelled drive system eliminates the need for any pushing making mowing your lawn effortless and as power is sent to the front wheels, this mower has the added advantage of eliminating the need to disengage the drive during turns.It also lets you choose between five pre-set cutting-heights (25 – 82mm), so the finish you prefer will prove easily achievable no matter what the conditions. The mower runs on ball-bearing mounted wheels that will continue to roll smoothly with age, and combined with the Hi-wheel design ensure more stable operation on less even ground.The handlebar on the McCulloch M53-160DW is foldable, so you won’t have to worry about space in the shed.

Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Shopsoiled - Missing front Decal)

Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Shopsoiled – Missing front Decal) £279.00
This exclusive Special Offer from MowDIRECT represents real value for money and provides you with the opportunity to purchase a reliable and quality large-sized lawn mower from the UK’s leading brand at a truly affordable price. The Mountfield SP536 has an extra-wide 51cm cutting width enabling you to cover ground quickly and efficiently. It’s suitable for medium-large sized lawns up to around 55 x 55 metres. The 160cc OHV petrol engine is fuel efficient and quiet running as well as being incredibly easy to start. It offers plenty of power enabling you to tackle a variety of grass types from lawns to areas of rough. The large-sized 60 litre collector has been designed to really pack in the grass and reduce the number of stops to empty. It comes with a hard-top to stop dust rising in drier conditions and the quality fabric bag aids air flow for superior collection when it’s wet. This versatile lawn mower has a wide range of cutting heights (25-75 mm) making it suitable for long and short grass whilst the large ball bearing wheels assist mobility on uneven terrain and won’t stiffen with age. The quality steel deck on this mower provides added robustness and long term durability. It also comes with a powder coated paint finish for longevity.

Efco LR55-VBX 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Petrol Lawn Mower with Variable Speed Drive (Ex-Demo - 6 Hours Use)

Efco LR55-VBX 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Petrol Lawn Mower with Variable Speed Drive (Ex-Demo – 6 Hours Use) £269.00
If you’re looking for a high-specification petrol lawn mower with a large-sized cut and all the best features, this special promotion item represents a great buy. The ‘Hi-Wheel’ design makes it particularly manoeuvrable and easier to turn when mowing up and down your lawn. Each wheel runs on ball bearings to ensure they don’t stiffen with age and the special tread guarantees consistently excellent traction over any kind of terrain, even bumpy and uneven ground. For effortless mowing, the Efco LR55-VBX petrol lawn mower comes with a variable speed control which can be set to one of four allowing ground speeds between 2.5 – 5.0 km /h. This feature enables you to walk at your own chosen speed and set the drive system to match grass conditions. Four separate cutting options are available on this lawn mower making it one of the most versatile machines on the market. With the Efco LR55-VBX you can choose between collecting the grass and mulching when using on lawn areas and requiring a smarter appearance. Alternatively, the mower has rear and side discharge capability for when tackling longer grass and maintaining areas of rough. Conversion between the various cutting types is simple and quick, without the need for tools. The powerful 190 cc Briggs & Stratton 650 Series four-stroke engine on this lawn mower incorporates the latest vanguard technology ensuring simple starting, first-rate performance, reliability and durability. The engine offers high torque at all engine speeds, ensuring effective cutting and an unfailingly steady work rate, even when mowing dense growth. With its extra-wide 53 cm cutting width and aerodynamically shaped deck interior, the Efco LR55-VBX really packs the grass into the huge 80 litre collector ensuring a fast cut with minimum stops to empty. Its outstanding cutting performance is maintained for when using as a mulching mower or in discharge mode. Other high-end features on this lawn mower include centralised height adjustment controlled by a single easy-to-grip side-mounted lever. The machine can be can be configured simply and effortlessly for operation at cutting heights of between 25 and 82 mm (6 positions). In addition, the handlebar grip is coated in soft, non-slip material for comfortable and safe handling. The handles can also be folded down to make the mower more compact for storage and transportation. One other feature worth noting is the special Grass Bag Full Indicator which provides a visual alert when it’s time to empty the collector.

Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower (Code: 432) (Showroom Model)

Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower (Code: 432) (Showroom Model) £259.00
Characterised by its compact 41cm cut and simple hand-push design, this lightweight and highly manoeuvrable rotary mower from Hayter provides the perfect solution to the problem of small-scale lawn maintenance. It might be a small mower, but that doesn’t mean Hayter have compromised on power. They’ve fitted it with a very high-performance 190cc Briggs & Stratton overhead-cam engine, which develops huge amounts of torque, in turn ensuring you’ll have no trouble dealing with thick, tussocky grass. B & S’s ReadyStart technology means you don’t have to prime the engine or apply choke to achieve first-pull ignition. The Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower is superbly well constructed, with its quality steel deck; hardwearing ball-bearing mounted wheels; and crankshaft-protecting friction disc all combining to ensure you’ll get year after year of unfailing service from your purchase (the crankshaft has a lifetime guarantee against bending). For flexibility-of-use, the Hayter Motif 41 has been equipped with an eight-step cutting-height that’s adjusted using just one lever. It has a two-piece folding handlebar for space-saving storage; and it’s supplied with a high-volume collector (55-litre), which works to maximise productivity by lessening the frequency of stops.

Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier (Ex-Demo - 2 Hours Use)

Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier (Ex-Demo – 2 Hours Use) £259.00
The highly-versatile Al-Ko Comfort 38P comes with an aeration cassette for intensive lawn treatment; and a scarifying cassette for when a more delicate approach is required.The scarifying cassette has a 38cm working-width and uses a series of 24 sprung hooks to gently lift-out any growth inhibiting thatch and moss in order to stimulate the turf; while the aeration cassette comprises 24 HS steel blades that will slice into the surface pan, cutting virtually invisible slits which provide an access route for moisture, nutrients and air.The Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier is driven by an efficient and dependable Al-Ko engine that’s rated at an impressive 1.3kW, and which is cooled via a large intake at the front of machine so as to significantly extend its working-life.It has a five-step, dial-controlled working-depth, so there’s a setting for every eventuality; and it’s supplied with a high-capacity 55-litre debris-collector, which means you’ll be able to leave your rake in shed.The sleek, smooth undercarriage on this model firstly makes cleaning easier; and secondly works to prevent debris clinging on in the first place.Also worth noting are the large rear-wheels, which make the machine stable during use, and easy to control and manoeuvre.

Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Exclusive Special Offer)

Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Exclusive Special Offer) £249.00
Anyone seeking a high-quality but nevertheless affordable mower for a medium-sized lawn should place the attractively priced and solidly built Mountfield SP180 high on their list of potential purchases.Key to its high-performance operation is its Briggs & Stratton 450 Series engine; an easy-starting 148cc power-pack that offers long-term reliability and a brand you can trust.The Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has been equipped with a rear-wheel power-drive, so inclines and rough, tussocky areas can be covered with minimal effort expended on the part of the operator.It offers five-preset cutting-heights (20 – 70mm), which are quick and easy to select using only one lever; and it’s fitted with a comfortable, ergonomically optimised handlebar that you can fold down if space is at a premium in your storage area.The capacious 55-litre grass-collector that comes with the Mountfield SP180 is made from fabric, which allows spent air to escape, in turn enabling the maximum amount of clippings to be packed-in. A hard top on the catcher prevents dust and pollen particles from rising-up into the user’s face when conditions are dry.Also important on this MowDirect-exclusive machine is its hardwearing 45cm-wide steel cutter-deck that delivers piece-of-mind when it comes to robustness and longevity.

Agri-Fab 'Pro' Tow Sprayer - 15 Gallon Capacity (45-0292) (Ex Demo - 1 Hour Use)

Agri-Fab ‘Pro’ Tow Sprayer – 15 Gallon Capacity (45-0292) (Ex Demo – 1 Hour Use) £229.00
This 15-gallon Pro Sprayer from Agri-Fab has an impressive output of up to 70 psi / 1.4 gal per min. Built of rugged construction, it has a 1/2\” steel axle and 10\” x 4\” pneumatic rib-tread tyres for superior traction on difficult terrain. The spray width of the boom bar at the rear of the sprayer is adjustable up to 80\”, and its low height reduces spray-drift so as to ensure accurate application. The handgun on the Agri-Fab 45-0292 ‘Pro’ Tow Sprayer is attached to a 15-foot hose and is adjustable from a fine mist to a jet-stream, which will spray up to 20 feet. The sprayer has a durable 12-volt pump, which will provide many years of trouble-free performance; and the ample wiring provided allows for easy attachment to your tractor’s battery. A convenient on/off switch on the pump prevents the draining of the tractor battery when the sprayer is not in use. The 15-gallon heavy-duty poly tank resists corrosion; while gallon markings help determine the correct water content when mixing chemicals. The tank also includes a drain which makes flushing easy. As with all Agri-Fab tow behind sprayers, this model has a low centre of gravity for stability; and its narrow-profile design ensures it easily passes through gates and shed doors. Weight 44lbs. Agri-Fab sprayers are supplied with a hitch pin and can be fitted to all makes of ride-on mower.