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New products at RawGarden

by Sarah - December 3rd, 2013.
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New products today at RawGarden

Aluminium garden parasol with crank 2.5mtr - mushroom canopy

Aluminium garden parasol with crank 2.5mtr – mushroom canopy £69.98
OK, we hear what you’re saying. You want a parasol that’s affordable, strong and well made!
I give you our Aluminium Garden Parasol 2.5m with a mushroom coloured canvas. We also think that all the strings are annoying, so we replaced them with a reliable crank system. What’s best is that the aluminium pole looks great with the wood of the table.

Parasol Base 14kg - black

Parasol Base 14kg – black £24.98
This black parasol base will be your best friend when it’s windy. It stops the parasol from flying away and from lifting up in the air with a retention screw.

Parasol table clamp

Parasol table clamp £24.98
Our parasol clamp is going to be your best friend when the wind’s really blowing. It screws to the table and keeps your parasol from flying upwards. Perfect for the Great British summer!