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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - December 11th, 2013.
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Reduced products at GreenFingers

Chapelwood Bird Food - Coconut Halves Filled With Suet

Chapelwood Bird Food – Coconut Halves Filled With Suet was £12.99 now £9.99
Suet is as delicious to wild birds as a Sunday roast is to us. Tempt lots of varieties of wild birds into your garden with these Coconut Halves filled with Suet combining insects fruits berries and seeds that has been stuffed into a reusable coconut shell. The shell can be hanged from a high level to prevent predators and we are sure that you will notice a difference in the number of visitors your garden is getting.Pack of 10 coconut halves

Christmas Lights Storage Bag

Christmas Lights Storage Bag was £10.99 now £9.99
This Christmas Lights Storage Bag has been designed especially for storing your xmas lights out of season making it easy to keep in your loft garage or shed. Alternatively it can be used to store any other household or garden items. This storage bag includes 3 wire storage holders for up to 3 sets of lights. This storage bag is made out of non tear woven coated Polyethylene with bonded nylon non-rot thread for long life. This fully zipped bag has a wipe clean surface while the handles are made of Polypropylene webbing so are strong and durable. 44 x 20 x 29cm high

Neudorff Insect Hotel

Neudorff Insect Hotel was £47.99 now £39.99
This Neudorff Insect Hotel is a great nesting and hibernation aid for beneficial insects visiting your garden. It is handcrafted from entirely natural sustainable materials and is simply hung up in the garden in a sunny position where it is protected from rain. The beneficial effects of the hotel are twofold: it attracts important pollinators into the garden whilst at the same time encouraging useful insects such as bees ladybirds and lacewings to make your garden their home. It is also a fun education tool for children who can see for themselves how beesclose up their nest openings and even provides a front row seat for when theirlarvae hatch. It is designed to combine interactivity education and conservation and features a range of habitats for interest and year

Rowlinson Chicken Coop

Rowlinson Chicken Coop was £279.99 now £269.99
The Rowlinson Chicken Coop is designed to confortably fit 6 chickens. It incorporates internal perches; a three compartment nest box which has a removable lid for easy egg collection and a slide opening door with hook support and ramp. The rear door provides easy access and a slide out floor allows for easy cleaning. Made from FSC pressure treated timber in a natural finish. 154x126x158cm high.

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