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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 21st, 2013.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these products today

Oleo-Mac OM2000E Electric Chainsaw - 40cm Guide Bar (Exclusive Special Offer)

Oleo-Mac OM2000E Electric Chainsaw – 40cm Guide Bar (Exclusive Special Offer) was £99.95 now £69.95
The Oleo-Mac OM2000E is a premium quality chainsaw that offers class-leading specifications. It comes with a powerful 1900 Watt mains-electric motor and 40cm (16\”) guide bar making it the ideal choice for a host of tasks around the garden including pruning, limbing and sawing up logs for the fire. It has an automatic chain oiler with 200ml reservoir for peak performance at all times and the in-built safety thermal cut-out prevents the motor over heating for a longer working life. The extra high speed chain (15m/s) makes this electric chainsaw a class leader and ensures fast, clean cutting saving you time and effort. The anti-vibration rubber dampeners minimize fatigue and the ergonomic handles provide for maximum operator comfort at all times. Maximum operator safety is ensured thanks to a palm-operated safety switch positioned to eliminate any possibility of the machine starting up accidentally. There is also an innovative dual braking system combining an inertia brake with a second patented system designed to immobilize the chain in response to kickback or if the operator should happen to lose control of the saw. Supplied with a 10 metre power cable, this lightweight electric chainsaw is a genuine hassle-free alternative to a petrol model and is available exclusively from Mowdirect at our special low price. LOOK>>

Einhell BG-PT 2538 Petrol Grass Trimmer

Einhell BG-PT 2538 Petrol Grass Trimmer was £89.95 now £69.95
This high-powered petrol grass trimmer from German manufacturer Einhell has been designed for easy operation and maintenance. It is ideal for all types of trimming jobs around the garden including lawn edges, borders and overgrown grass areas near trees, paths, fences and steps. The advanced 25 cc 2-stroke engine is quick and easy to start and produces low vibrations for more comfortable operation. It has a full crank shaft – a feature normally only found on more expensive domestic models and professional machines – which means the trimmer will provide long term reliability, lower maintenance costs and smoother operation. The handle on the Einhell BG-PT 2538 Petrol Grass Trimmer is fully adjustable for maximum operator comfort and a shoulder strap is supplied to help take the strain. Convenience features include automatic twin line feed which saves you precious time by doing away with the need to stop and unwind more cord. The grass trimmer also has a built in clutch which gives you fingertip control of the line-head. For a healthier working environment and less environmental impact, the engine on this petrol grass trimmer has been designed to produce far fewer harmful emissions than a standard 2-stroke machine. It comes well within the targets set by pollutants directive 2002/88 EC (emission 2). The engine also has an electronic ignition and primer for reliable starting, even from cold. For ease of storage and compact transportation in the boot of your car, the shaft on the Einhell BG-PT 2538 Petrol Grass Trimmer splits in two. A quick coupling system allows you to do this in seconds without the need for tools.

Einhell BG-SA 1231 Electric Scarifier / Aerator

Einhell BG-SA 1231 Electric Scarifier / Aerator was £99.95 now £79.95
The Einhell BG-SA 1231 combines an aerator and a scarifier in single handy package. When it’s used as an aerator, its eight aeration-knives cut tiny slits in the turf, allowing for better drainage and improved nutrient up-take. As a scarifier, its 42 specially-designed claws will delicately but thoroughly get rid of any thatch or moss that have built-up on the surface-pan, ensuring moisture, sunlight and air will be able to better penetrate. When undertaken regularly, these processes will leave you with a lush, verdant lawn. Driven by a high-powered 1200w electric motor, the Einhell BG-SA 1231 Electric Scarifier / Aerator will prove a stress-free alternative to a petrol machine. Its lightweight, four-wheeled design combines to ensure that even larger jobs won’t tire you out; while its capacious 28-litre thatch-collector allows for long-run times between emptying-breaks. Thanks to its flexible three-step working-depth (adjustable between 3 and 9mm), the Einhell BG-SA 1231 can be easily set-up to perform effectively in any given conditions. This 31cm model also features a collapsible handlebar, so it will take-up very little space in your shed or garage.

MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (Special Offer)

MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (Special Offer) was £89.95 now £79.95
This high performance brush sweeper is new and exclusive to MowDIRECT and represents excellent value for money. It provides a low noise, low cost alternative to petrol-powered sweepers, and is the ideal tool for keeping outdoor areas free of leaves and other garden debris. The MD Sweep 26 can be used on both grass and hard surfaces such as driveways, paths, tennis courts, courtyards and patios. Additional uses might include sweeping the concrete floors of outbuildings and even warehouses. It has an all-steel body for added strength and robustness and the heavy-duty design will ensure long-term durability and reliable operation year after year. The high-speed rotating brush sweeps up leaves, pine cones, acorns, dry grass cuttings, litter, wood chippings and even dirt and grime. The extra-wide 66cm sweeping-width ensures a fast work rate whilst still enabling you to pass through a standard-sized garden gate. Large over-sized wheels provide added manoeuvrability, particularly on uneven surfaces, and make the Sweep 26 really easy to push along. For added versatility, this brush sweeper is fully height adjustable allowing you to raise and lower the brushes to suit the surface you are working on. Another handy feature is the easy to empty catcher which lifts straight through the handles.

MD 48T Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

MD 48T Tow-Behind Plug Aerator was £119.00 now £99.95
A good, healthy lawn needs constant care and maintenance and aerating is a vital part of this process. A very broad working width of 1.2 metres makes this aerator the ideal machine for looking after a large lawn, or lawns, and it can be moved from area to area easily, courtesy of the handy, lever operated, transport adjustment. Just raise the coring points to move, lower them to work. The aerating is carried out by 32 hollow coring points, which remove small plugs of earth and turf from the lawn, allowing soil that has become compacted to loosen and, like a spiked aerator, allowing water, air and sunlight to nourish and nurture the roots, encouraging healthy growth. Plug aerators are particularly beneficial for lawns based on clay soils. The aerator has a flat area on top (the tray) on which you can place weights to make penetration even deeper and the MD 48T Tow-Behind Aerator has coring points which can dig in up to 75 millimetres. The weight capacity of the tray is 63.5kg. Wide rubber tyres are fitted to the wheels, to ensure a smooth run without damaging your lawn and they are patterned for added grip in wet weather. A hitch pin enables the aerator to be towed behind all models of ride-on.

MD 225T Steel Tipping Trailer

MD 225T Steel Tipping Trailer was £129.00 now £119.00
If you are redesigning your garden, knocking down old walls, building new walls, getting rid of rubble from a new bed, transporting compost and sand around the lawn or simply trying to get rid of garden rubbish, you know that carrying the stuff can be back breaking and moral sapping work. This versatile and rock-solid tipping trailer will take the strain and the pain away and help you do your work quicker and easier than you thought possible. Constructed with a heavy-duty steel tipper-bed finished in rust-resistant powder-coated paint finish. The trailer can take loads of up to 225kg, and the hopper is 3m3 in capacity, that’s a huge 283-litres of concrete, grit, bricks or whatever you need to shift. Heavy-duty, 405mm pneumatic tyres, ribbed for extra traction, ensure a smooth ride and the trailer is very well balanced. The wide, rugged wheels combined with the solid steel construction and low centre of gravity this gives supreme stability, balance and strength. The MD 225T Steel Tipping Trailer comes with a tow bar and a universal link-pin making it suitable for any make or model of ride-on mower.

MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader

MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader was £139.95 now £119.95
The MD 176T Towable Broadcast Spreader is very durable, with its large corrosion proof and weatherproof, polypropylene hopper, capable of holding and spreading up to 80kg of material such as fertiliser, seeds and similar. Broadcast spreaders drop onto a plate which spins and spreads the material out in a wider pattern and this multi-featured spreader features a rust-proof spreading plate, so whatever material you are using it will not be damaged. It has a variable spread width, from 3 up to 3.6 metres, and is designed for designed for larger areas and premises like schools, large allotments, visitor attractions and colleges, with a coverage of around 4000m2. Constructed for hard work and a long working life, the MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader has a durable and rugged steel frame, powder-coated for extra protection, and heavy-duty aluminium gears. It is also fitted with rugged, 355mm-diameter pneumatic tyres, deeply patterned for enhanced traction on awkward or slippery terrain. There is a lever controlled flow rate to vary the spread volume. This spreader is, of course, towable, and has a steel bar with a hitch pin connection, compatible with any garden lawn tractors and ride on mowers that are fitted with a pin-and-hole style tow bar. The MD 176T is just as comfortable spreading salt and grit to clear snow and ice from yards and driveways in the winter, as spreading fertiliser land in the summer months – making it an all year round spreading workhorse.

MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool

MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool was £149.95 now £129.95
This practical, powerful and exclusive 4-in-1 Multi-Tool delivers excellent value for money, quality cutting, trimming and pruning power and is the ideal all-round hand-held neatening solution for your garden. Offering you convenience as well as saving time, energy and money, the well balanced, MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool gives you a hedge cutter, line trimmer, brush cutter and long range pruner in one. The straight shaft power unit is fitted with a 25.4cc 2-stroke petrol engine, full crank for extra reliability, and has a very easy to use recoil start with full and half choke for dependable starting at all times. The engine has a diaphragm carburettor, a type that can be mounted in virtually any position so ideal for this kind of variable position tool, and also known to be lighter, with a self contained vacuum powered fuel pump. An automatic centrifugal clutch makes fingertip control of the Multi-Tool very easy and saves on saves on wear and tear. The power unit section has a ‘D’ shaped handle with a stand bar for firm and comfortable control and incorporates anti-vibration technology for reduced fatigue. A shoulder harness is also included for proper support. All four of the attachments can be fitted easily and quickly, clicking in place in seconds without tools, allowing you to move from one job to another with ease. The curved-shaft line trimmer is ideal for mowing grass or trimming borders and lawn edges or weed trimming on paths and drives without damage. It comes with an auto-feeding, double line-head and has a 381mm cutting width. If you need to deal with tougher, thicker weeds and grass, and those long overgrown corners, the tri-toothed, sharp-bladed brushcutter with straight shaft is the perfect attachment. It has a safety guard fitted and a cutting width of 20.5cm. The long reach hedgetrimmer attachment has a sharp and tough cutting bar with a good practical length of 37cm, a cutting capacity of 2.4 cm, and reciprocating double-sided blades for heavy-duty hedge and shrub trimming. It has an easily adjustable rotation through 180