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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 4th, 2014.
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Reduced price on products today at Suttons Seeds

Cat Repellent Rods

Cat Repellent Rods was £4.99 now £1.99
A simple but effective way to protect your garden (or houseplants) from cat damage and fouling. Our repellent rods contain no harmful chemicals, so are safe around children, pets and wildlife. Simply push them into the earth, and each rod will emit a pleasant (but not to cats!) citrus smell, giving continuous protection of up to one square metre, day and night, rain or shine, for up to 10 weeks. Buy 2 SAVE £1.50!


Growtube was £6.99 now £3.99
No more washing away half the compost in your grow bags every time you water them! Simply attach a Growtube (plus a discarded plastic drinks bottle) to your support canes with the integral sliding cane clips and you have a unique system whose three watering spikes will gently and thoroughly provide water and liquid feed straight to plants roots, with no waste and no mess!


Wellitop was £6.99 now £3.99
Do you dread stepping into your wellies and treading on a spider or something worse? With these simple clip-on polypropylene boot covers you need never worry again! They keep out creepy-crawlies, leaves and the rain, so you can leave your boots outside in all weathers. And they even have a handle to carry them with, and a handy cord to hang them up by. One size fits all.

Spiral Plant Supports

Spiral Plant Supports was £18.99 now £4.99
Support multi-stemmed plants in style with these ingenious galvanised steel supports. They can be used easily at any time throughout the season and provide natural-looking support that distributes plant stems evenly for healthier growth. For taller, more mature plants, insert the support head into the top of a standard cane. Diameter approximately 33cm (13); height 49cm (191/2). Set of three.

Window Box Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround

Window Box Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround was £14.99 now £6.99
These beautiful planters are a stylish way to grow fresh vegetables on your patio, balcony, roof terrace or windowsill! Secreted inside the natural willow surrounds are high-performance, durable planting bags with reinforced webbing handles and drainage holes. They’re simple to assemble and fold flat for winter storage.Window Box Planter: 50cm (20) x 15cm (6) x 15cm (6) high.

Patio Planter - 6-Cane

Patio Planter – 6-Cane was £14.99 now £7.99
With their 6 integral cane pockets these simple planters allow you to build a sturdy support for climbing beans, peas, tomatoes or even flowers. Theyre made from tough polyethylene, in a fashionable dusky blue, with drainage holes and carry handles. Holds approximately 55 litres of compost. 30cm (12) x 60cm (24) x 30cm (12) high. Canes not included.

Patio Planter - 3-Cane

Patio Planter – 3-Cane was £14.99 now £7.99
With their three integral cane pockets these simple planters allow you to build a sturdy support for climbing beans, peas, tomatoes or even flowers. They’re made from tough polyethylene, in a fashionable ‘dusky blue’, with drainage holes and carry handles. 45cm (18) diameter x 25cm (10) high. Canes not included. SAVE 5.00 when buying 2 packs!

Patio Planter - Carrot

Patio Planter – Carrot was £14.99 now £7.99
Carrots aren’t a traditional choice for patio growing, as most containers aren’t deep enough to allow roots to develop properly. But now, with these specially designed planters, you can grow a bumper crop on your back doorstep. Made from tough polypropylene, in an attractive orange-red carrot colour, with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging, they can be reused year after year. Complete with handy growing guide. Planters measure 30cm (12) x 45cm (18) x 30cm (12) high.


Patiogro was £29.99 now £9.99
Made from kiln-dried FSC timber with rot-proof joining tapes, this 176cm (69) long shelf will fit the bottom frame of your PatiGroR, or can be cut into two parts which will fit the top and middle framework.