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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - January 12th, 2014.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Gardman No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg

Gardman No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg was £12.99 now £9.99
This No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix contains a rich mixture of quality ingredients perfect for attracting a range of beautiful birds to your garden. No husks and no grow blend filled with seeds such as sunflower kernels peanut bites oats and crushed wheat. Suitable for use in seed feeders on bird tables and ground. Recommended for: Blackbirds Blue Tits Bullfinches Chaffinches Coal Tits Dunnocks Goldfinches Great Tits Greenfinches House Sparrows Long Tailed Tits Nuthatch Robins Siskins Song Thrushes and Wrens

Greenfingers Culti Cave Plastic Greenhouse

Greenfingers Culti Cave Plastic Greenhouse was £49.99 now £29.99
Quick and easy to install this Greenfingers Culti Cave Plastic Greenhouse provides you with a large and more humid growing environment for your plants. Easy to ventilate or access by unzipping the front or back panels this freestanding greenhouse is ideal for growing tomatoes cucumbers melons squashes and larger plants as well as growing plants in a grow bag. It is best to place this somewhere that will be sheltered from the wind or you could affix it to a fence or wall. Some people prefer to weight the corners down with bricks for extra stability during windy conditions but again this is up to you. Made from tough durable PVC it is a very handy greenhouse that comes with an attached groundsheet to prevent slugs snails and other garden pests from gaining access and can be easily stored away when no longer required. Dimensions: W200 x D78 x H170cmStorage size: W53 x D20 x H16cm

Greenfingers FSC Fir Cold Frame - Medium

Greenfingers FSC Fir Cold Frame – Medium was £39.99 now £29.99
This medium sized Greenfingers FSC Fir Cold Frame allows you to start your seedlings earlier or harden off plants moved on from your greenhouse as well as growing your own tasty fruit vegetables or flowers in a protected space safe from pests.Manufactured from high quality fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests it features polycarbonate glazing panels.Overall dimensions: W90 x D46 x H45cm Height of lowest side: 36cm

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