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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 1st, 2014.
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Reduced price on items today at GreenFingers

Hozelock 2017 Water Storing Gel 500ml

Hozelock 2017 Water Storing Gel 500ml was £9.99 now £4.99
This water storing gel contains non-toxic fast acting gel that helps retains the moisture and reduces the amount of water used. Only water plants once a week and when the water storing gel is added into the compost it forms a water reservoir under the roots of the plant. This supplies a constant supply of water to your plants and the water stored in the compost is released to the plant slowly as and when it is required. Water Storing Gel and Feed: 500ml. (enough for 60 container plants).

Hozelock 2824 Plus Aquapod Watering Kit

Hozelock 2824 Plus Aquapod Watering Kit was £14.99 now £13.99
This kit allows us to add an additional AquaPod to any AquaPod Starter Set. Up to 9 Plus kits or Plus pods can be combined on one tap.Kit contains 1 x pre-assembled AquaPod with 5 self cleaning 4lph drippers 5 stakes and 2 adaptors to connect to existing AquaPod system.

Himbleton Clock & Thermometer Combination

Himbleton Clock & Thermometer Combination was £19.99 now £14.99
A slate effect finish ensconcing a finely decorated clock face the Himbleton experiments with faux-stone in a mosaic pattern and would look equally as appropriate indoors as it would in a lush garden landscape. Utilising Roman numerals there is a thermometer dial at the foot of the face while the clock itself has the typical functioning attributes: it

Rowington Station Clock

Rowington Station Clock was £19.99 now £17.99
A staple of railways across Great Britain from a bygone Victorian era this thematic Rowington Station Clock engages a fine Roman numeral face with scrollwork frame. An important attribute more than meriting a mention is that the Rowington benefits from a clock on both sides

Norton Clock

Norton Clock was £29.99 now £19.99
This Norton Clock features a weathered cream face and svelte Roman numerals completed in antique bronze effect finish. Weather resistant it benefits from a metal frame and glass casing. You can place it in your kitchen hallway conservatory patio or garden as this versatile piece looks good anywhere in and around your home. Can be fixed to a wall or fence post. An all-round smooth and traditional d

Stratford Clock

Stratford Clock was £24.99 now £19.99
A fine example of a simple yet stunning timepiece this Stratford Clock would look marvellous located either outdoors or in the home. Clearly contemporary the gold on black creates a cool effect and its transparency will help it blend it to its environment. Either situate it among the flowers and trees in your garden or place it within you

Broadway Thermometer & Clock Combination

Broadway Thermometer & Clock Combination was £24.99 now £19.99
This beautiful Broadway Thermometer and Clock Combination has an antique gold effect finish and would look splendid set amid a well-maintained garden landscape. Representing a fine blend of colours the Broadway is a thermometer first and foremost and a clock second

Whitchurch Clock & Weatherstation

Whitchurch Clock & Weatherstation was £39.99 now £27.99
Evoking familiar British design this acutely traditional Whitchurch Clock and Weatherstation features clear black numerals and pale face while the gold effect circumference introduces a distinguishing edge and further touch of class. More than a clock the Whitchurch features both hygrometer and thermometer dials and it can be fixed to both a wall or fence post. Fully weather resistant for either indoor or outdoor use; place it in your kitchen conservatory of patio area. A stunning d

Bentley Station Clock

Bentley Station Clock was £29.99 now £27.99
Identifiable with railways from a bygone era the eye-capturing Bentley Station Clock has elegance and style aplenty. A Victorian theme the clock is double sided (important to take into consideration when selecting a location) with the same clock face on the corresponding side. The piece is finished in a period pewter effect and set on a frame of ornate metal scrollwork. A glorious clock with a touch of the antique which would complement a well-maintained outdoor area

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