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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - February 8th, 2014.
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Harrod Horticultural has this new product today

Weed Wand

Weed Wand £19.95
The Weed Wand Is The Eco-friendly Solution To Your Weed Problems, And It Helps Preserve Your Back Too Thanks To The 78cm Long Handle Which Keeps Your Hands Well Clear Of The Weed-busting Flame. the Wand Casts Its Weed-free Spell By Way Of A High Temperature Flame – Reckoned To Be Around 1000c – Ignited By An Easy-to-use Push Button System. Powered By A Butane Gas Canister (not Supplied With The Weed Burner But Available In A Pack Of 4), The Flame Quickly And Easily Breaks Down The Weeds And Is Ideal For Clearing Patios, Shingle Areas And Driveways As Well As Spot Controlling Weeds In Other Areas. the Weed Wand Flame Gun Measures 78cm In Length.weed Wand Is 78cm In Lengtheasy To Use Push Button Ignitiongas Supply Knob Controls Flame Sizeideal For Clearing Weeds From Patios, Shingle Areas, Rockeries And Driveways1000c Flame Gives Weeds No Chanceannual Weeds Can Be Cleared In One Blastmore Stubborn Weeds May Need A Second Treatmentno Chemicals – Removing Potential Danger To Children, Pets And Wildlifeflame Instantly Ruptures The Cell Structure Of Targeted Weeds, Causing Them To Die Within 2-3 Daysalso Suitable For De-icing Purposesbutane/propane Mix Gas Canisters Not Supplied With Weed Wand But Sold In Packs Of 4 For Long-term Weedkilling