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Jerusalem Artichokes

by Diane - February 9th, 2014.
Filed under: allotment.



I planted three small tubers of jerusalem artichokes in the spring of 2013. They grew really well and were huge long stems with tiny yellow flowers on the top.
I decided to dig them up this week. I wasn’t expecting a huge crop. However I dug up a bucket full and a plastic tray full. I gave some away and will be eating some of them. Some are going to come to the seed swap with me though on March 24th. They are easy to grow and are good roasted!
I hadn’t weeded the bed recently – it’s been winter! Just at the edge of the photo you can see some self sown mizuna which is doing really well and I’ve been picking that. I was planning on cloching it up but it’s been too windy and hasn’t been cold enough to need it.