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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - February 11th, 2014.
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New product at Crocus

Olea 'europaea' (mini olive)

Olea ‘europaea’ (mini olive) £12.99
Tiny, fragrant, creamy-white, summer flowers and grey-green leaves, retained all year. This elegant, evergreen tree makes an excellent specimen plant for a sunny, Mediterranean-style garden. In frost-prone areas it’s best grown in a large container under glass or planted at the base of a sunny, sheltered wall. Position: full sun Soil: deep, fertile, sharply drained soil (or loam-based potting compost for container-grown specimens) Rate of growth: slow-growing Flowering period: June to August Flower colour: creamy-white Other features: in hot summers the flowers are followed by edible, spherical, green fruits Hardiness: frost hardy Garden care: To protect against wind damage stake using a low angled stake, driven into the ground on the windward side at a 45° angle. Water regularly during dry periods, keeping the planting area weed-free. Apply a top-dressing of a nitrogen-rich general purpose fertiliser twice or three times each year during the growing season Goes well with:Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, Lavandula augustifolia ‘Munstead’, Euphorbia myrsinites, Euphorbia characias subspecies wulfenii ‘John Tomlinson’, Genista hispanica, Ballota pseudodictamnus.