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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 11th, 2014.
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Reduced price on lines today at GreenFingers

Botanico Square Swirl Pot Mover

Botanico Square Swirl Pot Mover was £5.99 now £2.99
This practical Botanico Square Swirl Pot Mover is an essential accessory that can enable you to easily place and re-locate all of your planters throughout your home; outside as well as inside. Made with tough powder-coated steel it features four wheels. Manufactured with an attractive style and ultra-convenient Pot Movers are well worth their money not least because they take all the trouble out of shifting planters from one side of the garden to the other but they can also widen your options in terms of creating stunning new landscapes and styles. Product dimension: Measures approximately: L23 x W23 x H5.5cm Capacity 30kg Also available in Round

Stainless Steel Solar Spotlight | Solar Lighting

Stainless Steel Solar Spotlight | Solar Lighting was £12.99 now £6.49
Highlight the best features in your garden with this Stainless Steel Garden Solar Spotlight. You can make your outdoor area look quite spectacular with careful positioning amongst borders flowerbeds trees and shrubs. You could also use it to accentuate other features such as a statue. Manufactured from stainless steel making it rustproof and water resistant this modern attractive Solar Spotlight will complement any modern garden d

Gazebo Leg Weights - Set of 4

Gazebo Leg Weights – Set of 4 was £29.99 now £24.99
No more worries on windy days with these easy to assemble Gazebo Leg Weights! They are manufactured from heavy duty weather resistant plastic which have easy in and out screws that can be fitted in seconds with no tools required. There is nothing worse than worrying whether or not your gazebo will blow away in windy conditions but now you can confidently place your gazebo wherever you wish such as the edge of your patio or in the middle of your lawn. Comprising two halves that screw together you may fill the leg weights with either sand or water and they are easily emptied for storage when not in use.Lightweight yet sturdyCaps on both sides of weight for easy fillingSuitable for round or square poles with a maximum diameter of 25mmApprox Weight when filled with Sand: 11kg eachApprox Weight when filled with Water: 8kg eachApproximately 26.5cm high

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