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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 14th, 2014.
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GreenFingers just added these new lines

Evergreen Multi-Purpose Grass Seed - 480g

Evergreen Multi-Purpose Grass Seed – 480g £3.99
Evergreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed is ideal for hard-wearing lawns. It is a quality grass seed with a 50% faster combination which makes it perfect for creating a new lawn over-seeding existing grass or filling in bare patches. 480g for the price of 420gProfessional grade seed for superior resultsFor dense hard-wearing lawnsStrong rootsContains a mixture of perennial rye grasses and fescuesCapacity: 480gCoverage: 14m

Miracle-Gro Giant Fruit and Vegetable Planter

Miracle-Gro Giant Fruit and Vegetable Planter £6.74
Maximise your yields of fruit and vegetables such as peppers tomatoes aubergines cucumbers green beans or melons with this larger than usual Miracle-Gro fruit and vegetable planter. The large size means there is better capacity for root growth and you can water easier. It grows twice the fruit and vegetables naturally. Enriched with organic plant food which feeds for up to 8 weeks. Great for salad crops peppers aubergines and much more.Attractive packaging for patio plantingDimensions: 98 x 33 x 10.5cm highCapacity: 50 litres

Easy Tear Sellotape | Scotch tape Adhesive Sticky Tape 3m

Easy Tear Sellotape | Scotch tape Adhesive Sticky Tape 3m £0.49
Don’t get unstuck this Christmas! Stock up on this clear sticky tape now and get your gift wrapping done early leaving you time to enjoy the festive season and concentrate on preparing your festive feasts and Christmas parties! Key Features:Ultra clearEasy tear30m rollPerfect for everyday useTo view our range of practical household items and offers please click here

Evergreen Lawn Sand 175m

Evergreen Lawn Sand 175m £14.99
Problem with moss in your lawn? Evergreen Lawn Sand will sort it! Really effective for giving your lawn a spring boost Evergreen Lawn Sand contains iron to kill the moss without damaging your lawn. It also contains nitrogen to feed the grass for a healthy greener lawn. A great moss killer and lawn tonic at a great price that can be used regularly without damaging your lawn.5% nitrogen feeds the grassFerrous sulphate kills mossNPK ratio is 5-0-0Coverage: 175m

Roundup XL Tough & Deep Root Ready To Use Weedkiller 3 Litres

Roundup XL Tough & Deep Root Ready To Use Weedkiller 3 Litres £15.99
Just what you need to banish your weeds for good! This fast action Roundup XL Tough & Deep Root Ready to Use Weedkiller is a convenient ready mixed weed killer in a pull and spray container with an easy grip hold. It is ideal for use in larger areas especially for controlling unwanted vegetation and clearing areas for planting and has an adjustable spray or stream setting. It kills nettles brambles thistles dock couch grass and many other deep rooted and tough weeds. Its first effects are seen in 48 hours. How Roundup WorksRoundup is sprayed on to the leaves of the weed and is absorbed through them entering the plants sap stream. It is then carried to the growing points of the weeds’ roots and shoots killing them along with the leaves. Due to Roundup killing right down to the root it will eradicate almost all weeds including deep-rooted perennials and leave your soil ready for replanting. Contains glyphosateSpray at any time when the weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf area to absorbthe sprayDo not use on lawns or other wanted plants unless you want to kill themChild resistant packDegradable in soilQuantity: 3 litresCoverage: Spot treatment to kill most weeds over an area of up to 90m2

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