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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - February 16th, 2014.
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New items added today at Plant Me Now

Long Handled Leaf Grabber

Long Handled Leaf Grabber £29.95
Perfect for collecting leaves from the garden without the need for bending. Lightweight with soft grip scissor action handles. The long handled leaf grabber is a great value tool. Lightweight scissor action handles Ergonomic design with soft grips Eliminates the need for bending

Hand Held Garden Leaf Grabbers

Hand Held Garden Leaf Grabbers £11.95
Make light work of collecting fallen leaves this Autumn with these fantastic leaf grabbers. Large capacity scoops. Ergonomic moulded handles and wrist supports. Ideal for clearing leaves, grass trimmings and other debris. Large capacity scoops Ergonomic moulded handles and wrist supports Ideal for clearing leaves, grass trimmings and other debris

Liquid Growmore 1 litre

Liquid Growmore 1 litre £4.95
General purpose fertiliser for all around the garden A highly effective liquid form of this general purpose fertiliser especially designed for strong healthy growth and for use all around the garden and greenhouse. Contains the three major plant nutrients to promote heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, vigorous plants and beautiful flowers. Apply: In the spring and throughout the growing season How to Use: Mix with water according to the pack instructions and apply using a watering can. Water thoroughly around the base of growing plants. Feed generously every week ensuring plants do not dry out. NPK 7-7-7