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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - February 19th, 2014.
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Lots of new products at MowDirect

Stiga Park Pro 18 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park Pro 18 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £5964.00
The Swedish-designed Stiga Park Pro 18 4WD is characterised by its remarkable manoeuvrability and ability to access space-restricted areas, and as such will come into its own on lawns with lots of obstacles and landscaping to work around. At its heart is a 570cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 V-Twin overhead-valve engine with a low-oil shutdown system and dual-element air-filter for exceptional durability in the face of intensive use; and angled ports for a smoother idle; improved fuel-efficiency; and reduced exhaust emissions. Key start makes firing-up the engine a simple process.The Stiga Park Pro 18 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower employs an out-front deck design that gives the driver an unhindered view of the cutting-path, thereby ensuring close-quarters cutting around obstacles and along fence lines can be carried-out safely and accurately. The forward-mounted deck also delivers a more consistent finish than a mid-positioned deck, as the grass is cut before it’s flattened by the wheels (a choice of decks is offered).This high-specification hydrostatic four-wheel-drive on the Stiga Park Pro 18 makes it possible to traverse terrain that would defeat a two-wheel-drive machine; and has a separate hydraulic pump that produces a rapid top-speed of 11km/h via a heavy-duty Kanzaki transaxle. Ground-speed adjustment is in infinite increments with no clutch or need to stop to shift-gear.Boasting fully articulated steering, whereby the chassis pivots at its mid-point, the Park Pro 18 is hard to beat when it comes to manoeuvrability – obstacle negotiation and end-of-pass turns can be carried-out with ease. The pivoting chassis also ensures the back-wheels follow exactly the same line as the front-wheels, so you won’t gave to worry about the rear-end of the mower clipping anything.So as to maximise driver-comfort, Stiga have equipped this model with an adjustable high-backed seat that’s mounted on a parallel suspension; and effort-saving mechanical servo steering.A powerful LED headlight means you’ll be able to keep working in low-light conditions; while an hour-metre lets you see when a service is required.Also featured is an adjustable height-of-cut, which you can set to any of ten-stages between 25 and 90mm; and a hugely capacious 14-litre fuel-tank that works to keep downtime to a minimum. We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over.

Stiga Park 740 PWX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 740 PWX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £4794.00
Manoeuvrability; functionality; comfort; and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of this innovative, European-built ride-on from venerable garden-machinery specialists Stiga. Its remarkable agility is thanks largely to its articulated steering system, which firstly means you’ll no longer be restricted to mowing up and down in straight lines; and secondly will enable you to negotiate landscaping and garden obstacles with speed and efficiency. The pivoting chassis also ensures the back wheels track precisely the line of the front wheels, so you can focus on driving rather than worrying about what’s happening to the rear.The forward deck-positioning on the Stiga Park 740 PWX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower brings two clear advantages over the classic mid-deck configuration – the cutting path is clearly visible, so you’ll be able to mow with greater precision; and the grass is cut before it’s laid flat by the wheels, thereby ensuring an impressively consistent finish (a wide selection of Combi decks is offered).The Stiga Park 740 PWX boasts a four-wheel-drive transmission, which means you’ll have no trouble working on steep slopes or in adverse whether conditions. The drive is hydrostatic, giving you infinite-increment ground-speed control, which works to further enhance manoeuvrability. A split differential works to eliminate turf scuffing, important when working on a fine lawn; while power-assisted steering and an adjustable seat combine to ensure high levels of driver-comfort.The high-end features don’t finish there – power is supplied by a premium-quality Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder key-start engine that’s characterised by it’s low-noise, low-vibration operation; and superior fuel-economy. As with all B&S power-packs, reliability is not in question.There’s also a capacious 12-litre fuel-tank that works with the fuel-efficient engine to provide lengthy run-times between each top-up break; and an hour metre that allows you to check at-a-glance when a service is impending.The following rear-discharge and mulch-capable decks are available: 95cm Combi 2 Bladed Deck; 95cm Combi Electric 2 Bladed Deck; 105cm Combi 2 Bladed Deck; 105cm Combi Electric 2 Bladed Deck; 100cm Combi 3 Bladed Deck; 100cm Combi Electric 3 Bladed Deck; 110cm Combi Pro Deck 2 Bladed; 110cm Combi Pro Electric 2 Bladed Deck.We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Honda HF-2622HTE Lawn & Garden Tractor

Honda HF-2622HTE Lawn & Garden Tractor £4299.00
This top-of-the-range Lawn & Garden tractor from Honda utilises the highest quality components throughout and combines a huge 122cm cut with a cavernous 350-litre grass-catcher to maximise productivity on the very largest domestic grassed areas; both formal and rough. Key to its exceptional cutting- and towing-performance is its hugely powerful 22hp (688cc) Honda twin-cylinder engine, which, thanks to its V-Twin arrangement, offers unbeatable fuel-economy; reduced noise-levels; and smooth, low-vibration operation. As you’d expect from a Honda engine, starting is ultra-reliable. The Honda HF2622HTE Lawn & Garden Tractor features a newly redesigned blade-system and a fan-assisted cutter-deck that combine with an extra-wide discharge-chute and a meshed grassbag to ensure the best possible collection-performance. The grassbag has an audible ‘collector full’ buzzer and can be dumped from the driver’s system via an electric push-button mechanism. The twin-bladed steel deck on the Honda HF2622HTE ‘floats’ over undulating or bumpy ground, thereby guaranteeing a super-neat cut with no turf damage or uncut patches. The deck-height can be adjusted through seven stages (30 – 90mm) to suit both the prevailing conditions and your preferred finish. This model has been equipped with a hydrostatic drive that allows you to smoothly and intuitively adjust the forward and reverse speeds using a single foot-pedal, thereby making it exceptionally manoeuvrable for a machine of its ample size. Electric push-button blade-engagement works to reduce wear on key parts; while a full diagnostic dashboard with L.E.D. display provides a clear picture of the tractor’s operational status.

Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £4204.00
If your garden contains the sort of complex landscaping and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that would defeat a conventional ride-on mower, then this European-built front-cut mower with articulated steering is worth serious consideration.Its ability to negotiate space-restricted areas and tight corners is down to its pivoting body, which delivers a super-tight turning-circle and allows you to concentrate on what happening in front of you as the back-wheels will follow the exact track of the front-wheels – there’s no chance the rear end of the mower will clip anything. Also contributing to manoeuvrability is the power-assisted steering and infinitely-variable foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission.The front-mounted configuration of the mower-deck on the Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD delivers numerous benefits over the mid-mounted deck, including giving the driver an unimpeded view of the cutting-path for precision results; and producing a superior finish as the grass isn’t flattened down before it gets the chop. Electric height-of-cut adjustment (on EL cutter decks) allows you to set the blade position without having to dismount.The Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower has been fitted with a beefy 500cc Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder four-stroke engine that utilises the U.S. manufacturer’s acclaimed overhead-valve technology that works to lessen fuel-costs, noise, emissions and vibration. Key start means no more wrestling with a recoil-starter rope; while a 12-litre fuel-tank makes it possible to get plenty done between each break for a top-up.As its name suggests, the Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD boasts a four-wheel-drive that will enable you to traverse significant inclines and other challenging terrain-types without fuss. A split-differential works with the extra-wide-profile drive-tyres to ensure you won’t scuff delicate surfaces.There is a choice of eight cutter-decks available with this model which can all be set-up to either rear-discharge or mulch cuttings, so great results are achievable on a variety of grass-lengths.We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Stiga Estate 7122 HWS Lawn-Tractor

Stiga Estate 7122 HWS Lawn-Tractor £3799.00
Stiga’s flagship lawn-tractor, the Estate 7122 HWS, is brimming with sought-after features; and offers the sort of rapid work-rate that’s essential for anyone maintaining a large paddock area or substantial domestic lawn of around 20,000m2 and above.It comes equipped with a 122cm-wide Contraflow cutter-deck that’s fitted with twin counter-rotating blades, the action of which produces a powerful under-deck airflow. In mulching-mode, this ensures the clippings are super-finely chopped so they’ll rot-away that much faster; while in collection-mode, it works to blast clippings into the catcher at high-speed, which in turn makes it possible to collect damp grass without worrying about the discharge-chute becoming blocked. The Stiga Estate 7122 HWS Lawn-Tractor boasts a smooth, clutch-free hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to accelerate through the gears using a foot-pedal, rather as you would with an automatic-drive car. This brings obvious benefits when it comes to work-rate and manoeuvrability; and also makes it quick-and-easy to select the most effective ground-speed for the conditions you’re faced with.Powering this top-of-the-range garden-tractor is a 656cc Briggs & Stratton Intek 7220 V-Twin engine, which, as you’d expect from a twin-cylinder unit, is exceptionally efficient, and remarkably smooth and quiet in operation. The engine develops a beefy 11.9kW, so you’ll be able to tow some of the heavier attachments that are available; and it features electric key ignition for trouble- and effort-free starts every single time.An LED dashboard display provides the driver with important status information, including battery-status; revs-per-minute; and fuel-level; while a 320-litre grassbag – one of the largest on any tractor in this class – ensures you’ll get the job finished without many trips to the compost-heap (a ‘collector full’ warning helps to prevent overfilling).Other high-end features on the Stiga Estate 7122 HWS include a safety contact-breaker under the seat, which is activated the moment you dismount; and powerful dual-headlights that will enable you to keep on going in fading light.

Stiga Estate 5102 H Lawn-Tractor

Stiga Estate 5102 H Lawn-Tractor £3149.00
If you’d rather mowing your large lawn was a pleasurable experience rather than a tiresome chore, then this powerful, feature-packed lawn tractor from long-established Swedish brand Stiga should be given serious consideration. Making it tick is a 500cc Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine that develops a huge 8.6kW (at 2800rpm), and which utilises the esteemed American manufacturer’s latest OHV technology for a substantial reduction in fuel-costs; noise-levels; and polluting exhaust emissions.AVS vibration-damping means less component-wear and a smooth, fatigue-free drive; while an electric key ignition ensures the engine can be fired-up with zero fuss.Instead of a manual drive, where you have to stop every time you need to adjust the ground-speed, the Stiga Estate 5102 H Lawn-Tractor features a hydrostatic drive. This gives you infinitely-variable control of both forward and reverse speeds via a foot-pedal, in turn maximising manoeuvrability; saving time; and making it simple to select the most appropriate pace for the terrain and conditions.The Stiga Estate 5102 H is fitted with a twin-blade Contraflow cutter-deck, which, thanks to the high-velocity air-flow created by the action of the blades, ensures exceptional performance when it comes to both mulching and damp-weather collection (mulch-kit included).A turning-radius of just 175cm makes the negotiation of tight-corners simple and safe; while a seven-stage cutting-height, adjustable between 25 and 80mm, allows you to adapt to the grass-type you’re confronted with.With its cavernous grassbag able to hold an immense 260-litres of packed-in clippings, the Stiga Estate 5102 H will cover a lawn of up to 10,000m2 with fewer emptying-stops. It’s fitted with a pair of high-performance headlights, so you won’t be defeated by poor light; and it features an under-seat contact-breaker, which improves safety by disabling the engine when the driver’s seat is vacated.

Cub Cadet CC1016KHG Garden Tractor

Cub Cadet CC1016KHG Garden Tractor £2999.00
This highly-versatile garden tractor from Cub Cadet offers three cutting-modes: side-discharge; collection; and mulching. As a result, it’s equally at home on the sort of long, rough grass you’ll find in orchards and paddocks as it is on the ‘bowling green’-style formal lawn that’s so popular amongst UK gardeners (the mulch-kit can be purchased separately). Making it tick is a twin-cylinder OHV engine from esteemed Japanese manufacturers Kawasaki. Thanks to its advanced V-Twin cylinder-layout, the engine is clean-burning; smooth in operation; and exceptionally fuel-efficient. Noise levels are also significantly reduced when compared to conventional twin-cylinder units. The 107cm twin-bladed cutter-deck on the Cub Cadet CC1016KHG allows for a fast cut over very large areas and has been offset so you can mow flush against walls and fence-lines. Twin anti-scalp wheels ensure you’ll be able to achieve a smooth, gouge-free finish on undulating ground; while a wash-nozzle means you can attach a hosepipe, spin the blades and be sure all the debris has been cleared from the deck’s underside. Changing the ground-speed on a manual-shift tractor can be a complicated operation and takes up a great deal of time as you have to stop each time you want to change gear. Cub Cadet have circumvented this problem by equipping the Cub Cadet CC1016KHG Garden Tractor with a hydrostatic drive; a premium feature that provides smooth, gear-shift-free acceleration (forward and reverse) via a single foot-pedal. A cruise control function allows you to lock the ground-speed when undertaking long, unbroken passes. The Cub Cadet CC1016KHG employs MTD’s RevTEK technology, whereby you can choose to keep the blades engaged when undertaking reversing manoeuvres (providing you’re totally sure it’s safe to do so). Comfort features include a convenient step-though frame; a deluxe high-back seat; and effortless light-touch steering.

Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor

Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor £2899.00
Built in Europe to exacting specifications and packed with practical and convenient features, this high-end lawn tractor from Stiga will impress even the most hardened domestic lawn-care enthusiast. Key to its exceptional performance in both bagging- and mulching-modes is its Contraflow mower-deck, which is fitted with two counter-rotating blades. The action of the blades creates a powerful airflow, which, in mulching-mode ensures clippings are held under the deck for longer so they’re more finely chopped; and in collection mode, blasts clippings at high velocity through the discharge-chute, in turn facilitating effective damp-weather bagging. The Stiga Estate 5092 H Lawn Tractor comes equipped with a very high-performance 9kW Briggs & Stratton OHV Powerbuilt engine with electric key ignition for effortless starts; and a Dual-Clean™ air-filter with foam pre-cleaner for optimum component protection. B & S’s vibration-reduction measures (‘AVS’) minimise shock-transfer through the seat and steering-wheel so as to maximise driver-comfort.Featuring a pedal-controlled hydrostatic-drive, whereby you can adjust the ground-speed (forward and reverse) in infinite increments, the Stiga Estate 5092 H can be driven intuitively and is highly manoeuvrable for such a sizeable machine.It offers seven preset blade-heights (25 – 80mm), so you can easily adapt to a change in conditions; and it’s supplied with an enormous 260-litre grass-catcher, which combines with a six-litre fuel-tank to ensure very large-scale jobs can be completed with few interruptions (a ‘collector full’ buzzer alerts you when capacity is reached).Stiga’s provision of twin-headlights means you’ll be able to carry-on working when the light’s not at its best; while their fitting of a contact-breaker under the driver’s seat works to enhance user-safety by cutting the engine (and blades) when no-one is at the helm. This 92cm model has a five-year homeowner-use warranty and has been developed for lawns around 8000m2 in area.

Honda EM65is Professional Petrol Powered Inverter Generator

Honda EM65is Professional Petrol Powered Inverter Generator £2890.00
Designed and built for hard work in large scale and professional situations, the Honda EM65is is easy to use, simple to transport thanks to its comfortable, foldaway handles and smooth running wheels, and easy to operate with its intuitive, user-friendly controls. With rated power output of 5500 Watts and maximum of 6500, this model can be used to deliver electricity to large and power demanding items like fridge-freezers, power tools, garden tools like chainsaws and will even run even a washing machine, a very power hungry machine* The power comes from an energy efficient, Honda 389cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder GX390 engine, with OHV (overhead valve) technology to ensure improved fuel economy, higher performance and far fewer carbon emissions for cleaner, lower cost output. This model also gains from its integrated inverter technology. An inverter is lightweight and smart microprocessor that is fitted in place of the old style heavy alternator. It controls the electricity flow and keeps it constant and fluctuation free, making it ideal for use with sensitive items such as televisions and computers. The EM65is housed within a sturdy tubular steel frame with stabilising stand-legs to complement the wheels and keep the unit stable during use. The fuel tank has an extra large capacity, taking up to 16.5 litres for fewer re-filling stops and to provide a very long and convenient running time of up to 5 hrs 40 minutes at the rated output. There is a unique Eco-Throttle built in to this generator, which makes sure the generator only runs as fast as the load needs. This reduces fuel use, saves money and makes the engine more hardwearing and longer lasting. This model is fitted with a key-operated electric start for reliability and ease of use, and also has a recoil start as a back up. Damage to the engine is prevented by the Oil-Alert safety system that switches the engine off if the oil level drops below a safe levels. The generator is quiet and benefits from acoustic proofing. Included on the EU65 is a system called i-monitor. This provides the user with clear, detailed information regarding operation performance operation, speed and wattage plus diagnostic information to aid with getting servicing intervals right so, saving time and money and preventing unnecessary wear and tear This model comes with a five-year domestic and one-year professional warranty. * Items like saws and drills are ‘reactive loads’ so although the running load might be low, the starting load needs to be calculated at up to five times the running load and subsequently after the initial powering up, less power is required for actual operation. E.g. a typical fridge might take 2,200 w to start but 700 W to run.


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