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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - February 20th, 2014.
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New items today at MowDirect

Loncin LC8000D-F Petrol Powered Generator

Loncin LC8000D-F Petrol Powered Generator £699.00
If you need to drive power tools, garden tools, household items such as fridges, microwaves and even washing machines this easily stored, easily moved and easy to use, rugged and reliable top of the range generator from Loncin is the perfect solution. Powerful and sturdy enough to run larger items like hammer drills, heaters, circular saws and even cement mixers on a building site; it will withstand daily and comprehensive use. This generator is also ideal as a back-up to domestic power failure or smaller offices and business premises; as well as for leisure needs like caravan holidays, mobile homes or to power facilities in a mobile fast-food outfit. The LC8000-F Generator delivers 8 hours worth of continuous power with the large fuel tank capacity of 25 litres. It produces net power of 12HP with a rated output of 6.0 kilowatts and a maximum output of 7.5 kilowatts and has rated voltage outputs of 110/230v. The engine behind the impressive performance of this generator is a top quality commercial grade single-cylinder Loncin G420F-1, with displacement of 420cc forced air-cooling and overhead valve technology for very economic, quiet running with lower vibrations, good fuel economy and lower carbon emissions, something Loncin, as a company, cares a great deal about. Automatic voltage regulation makes sure the flow of electricity is even and smooth and there are alarm/safety systems to cope with both low oil levels and overloading. Three sockets are featured (32amp) and the generator starts very easily thanks to reliable transistorized magneto ignition. This model has a convenient, reliable and easy to use electric start, with a recoil as a back up This model’s low vibrations contribute to lower noise from this large generator, and at around 76 dB (A) the generator is quieter than a food blender or even a garden shredder, even ‘quiet’ versions of garden shredders can be outputting around 84dB(A). The Loncin 65000-F has wheels and comfort handles in kit form, easy to attach, which will fold away, reducing the size of the generator for storage. The handles mean wheeling it around from work area to work area is made easy. NB: It is always useful to know the combined wattage of the equipment you are planning to power and to remember that some machines with induction motors require more power to start up than they do to run.

Loncin LC6500D-F Generator

Loncin LC6500D-F Generator £629.00
The flow of current on this generator is kept consistent by automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and automatic low oil level protection keeps the engine safe. Overcurrent protection prevents the generator from overheating by opening a circuit breaker if the current produces an excessive temperature rise in the conductors. The engine and fuel tank are protected by steel safety bars, which create a stabilising frame that also squares off the shape of the generator to make storage easier. Three 32amp output sockets are included and starting is made easier thanks to the electric start. Compact, powerful and mobile, the Loncin 65000D-F generator has all the power, user-practicality and rugged construction you could want, whether you are using it as a larger domestic back up, or if you are in the construction and hire industry, using it to power tools and equipment. The OHV technology and smooth production of power contributes to this model’s low vibrations and low vibrations mean less noise, so the sound from this generator stays down at a remarkably low 76dB(A) quieter than a food blender (88 dB approx’) a milling machine (85 dB approx’); or even some ‘quiet’ garden shredders (84dB(A) approx’. The Loncin 65000D-F has smooth rolling wheels and comfortable handles which fold away when not in use to reduce the storage size of the generator. This means it is easy to use on site and easy to take from one work place to another. NB: It is always useful to know the combined wattage of the equipment you are planning to power and to remember that some machines with induction motors require more power to start up than they do to run. Ideal for use on building sites, leisure show or trade show sites or other commercial enterprises, it provides rated power of 5000 watts, with rated voltage of 110/220/230/240V volts, so you can run 110 volt power tools or power standard 240 volt appliances, plus other applications. The engine which provides the LC65000D-F with its reliable flow of power is a commercial grade, 11HP, 389cc, G390F with single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV with forced air cooling, producing a maximum output of 5.5kw. It has a large fuel tank of 25 litres, which provides a long and consistent running time of 9 hrs on a full tank.

Loncin LC5000D-F Generator

Loncin LC5000D-F Generator £599.00
Wherever you live, blackouts and power cuts can cause domestic or business chaos and it pays to have some kind of back up system. Well a generator like the Loncin LC5000D-F could be just the job to keep you going until things return to normal. Loncin’s commitment, to producing reliable and efficient generators with low carbon emissions and good fuel economy, continues with this very powerful model, producing rated power of 4 kilowatts with a maximum output of 4.5. Also perfect for leisure use, perhaps for alternative power for caravanning or mobile homes it is powerful enough to keep a large selection of items going, including lighting of course, juice hungry fridges or freezers, TVs, radios, hairdryers or vacuum cleaners and could also be invaluable as a generator to provide power to building tools on construction sites, cement mixers, hammer drills and jigsaws. It could also be useful as well as garden maintenance tools like chain saws, hedgetrimmers or pressure washers when you can’t get to a mains source, perhaps at an allotment or in a large garden. It is powered by a high-quality commercial grade Loncin G340F engine, 337cc, single-cylinder, force air cooled with overhead valve for economical, smooth and quieter running and great performance. Voltage outputs of 110/220/230/240V are included and the generator is fitted with Automatic voltage regulation to keep the current smooth and constant. This generator has a fuel tank with a large capacity of 25 litres it will provide you with 10 continuous hours of power. The generator is rugged and durable and the fuel tank and parts are protected from knocks by sturdy steel bars. The generator can be fired up either by the recoil start or an electric start, and a transistorized magneto ignition system makes sure each start is as reliable and easy as the last. There is an integrated system to protect the engine from damage when oil is running low and in-built over-current protection for more safety and to make sure the engine dikes not become overheated and damaged. Thanks to low vibrations and advanced technology, the noise floor of this powerful generator is a remarkably low 76 dB (A) quieter than a food blender or a dishwasher. Smooth running wheels and handles make transport very easy and the handles fold away to aid storage. NB: Remember, if you are using this generator for back up or leisure use, you will need long cables from the generator, as it cannot be operated inside enclosed buildings, dwellings, caravans or tents. To calculate the size of generator you need, add up the wattage requirements of each of the items you want to power and remember that older fridges and freezers take more energy and fridges and freezers or induction motor type items usually need more power to start up than they do running. * Sensitive items such as TVs and computers should be protected by good quality surge protection if being run from a generator.

Loncin LC3000-F Generator

Loncin LC3000-F Generator £299.00
Producing power with lower carbon emissions and improved efficiency in cost effective units is what Loncin are all about and this is apparent in the excellent LC3000 Generator. If you live in a rural, isolated, area, perhaps a small village or somewhere far away from the nearest town, power cuts can be a more than an inconvenience, they can be a menace, and a compact, powerful generator like this is a handy unit to keep at home, to make sure you can keep essentials like lights, or the fridge or freezer, going if blackouts or power cuts threaten to bring everything to a standstill. * Powered by a commercial grade 4-stroke engine with OHV (Overhead Valve) for very smooth, economic running with quieter, better performance, this generator produces 2.3KW rated power, with a maximum output of 2.5kw and will provide a running time of fifteen hours with the large capacity fuel tank of 18 litres, enough to keep you warm and lit generally until the power returns. Easy to store, with its shape squared off by the robust and sturdy safety bars, which protect the engine and fuel tank from knocks and bangs, the dimensions of the generator, L: 68 x W: x 54 x H: 54.5 cm mean it can be tucked away in a garage, shed, cellar or storeroom when not in use. Automatic voltage regulation keeps the flow of power running smoothly and the easy-to-pull recoil start is assisted by a transistorized magneto ignition system. A special low level oil system protects the engine and there is built in over-current protection for safety and efficiency. Noise is kept to a minimum, partly due to OHV technology, at 76dB (A). Some tips. Don’t forget you will need long cables from the generator, as the generators cannot be operated inside a dwelling, a caravan or a tent. To work out the size of generator you need, add up the wattage requirements of each of the items you want to power. * NB: Older fridges and freezers take more energy and don’t forget fridges and freezers usually need more power to start up than they do running.

Loncin LC2500-F Generator

Loncin LC2500-F Generator £289.00
Compact and reliable, this generator is powerful enough to run lights, a small fridge, a fan a microwave oven or a TV, and is ideal for leisure use, for camping or caravanning being portable and sturdy. Also ideal for powering some DIY, gardening and workshop tools * and as an emergency power source. Loncin is a brand that aims to create powerful, dependable units with lower carbon emissions and good fuel economy as well as good design and build quality. The engine is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled model with net power of 5.5H and displacement of 196cc, with a rated output of 2.00KW and a max’ output of 2.2kw. It has OHV (Overhead Valve) technology for smoother running and reliable economic performance. Cost effective and designed for easy storage and use, the weight is a manageable 43kg and strong, powder-coated, steel safety bars protect the engine and fuel tank, making it safe to move around. The dimensions are L590, W475 and H460 so storage is very easy as it has a small footprint, and the square frame makes it easy to store in garages, cupboards, sheds and lockers. It comes with two 16amp sockets and an automatic voltage regulation system that is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to stabilise the voltage flow for an even and regular supply. The fuel tank has a generous 18 litre capacity and a long running time of fifteen hours can be achieved from a full tank. This is ideal if you need to run something overnight or for long hours. The starting system is a simple and easy to use recoil chord pull which utilises a transistorized magneto ignition system for reliability. If you are considering using this generator with sensitive equipment, it is highly advisable to use it in conjunction with a good surge protector. * NB Never place a petrol generator inside a building or a tent, and it is worth remembering that all electrical products will have their power usage listed on a plate or label. With most small power tools like drills their listed wattage is exactly the power they need to run. This is also true of many domestic items like central heating pumps, lights, and DVD recorders, but items with induction type motors, such some pumps, refrigerators, compressors and pressure washers typically require more, perhaps 2 to 3.5 times their listed running watts to start and then use a lower wattage to run.