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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - February 26th, 2014.
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New items added today at MowDirect

MTD O53SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower

MTD O53SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower £399.00
This high-specification machine is MTD’s top-of-the-range Optima model, and as such will take substantial areas and challenging conditions in its stride.The MTD O53SPB comes driven by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton 625E Series engine; a four-stroke, air-cooled power-unit with splash-lubrication and an aluminium cylinder for superior durability; and an OHV-type configuration for improved fuel-efficiency and a marked reduction when it comes to emissions; noise; and vibration. A float-feed carburettor ensures the fuel mixture is kept consistent for enhanced performance; while B & S’s Magnetron® electronic ignition ensures getting the engine going will be a stress-free operation.A self-propelled lawnmower, the MTD O53SPB will prove a fantastic purchase if your garden comprises slopes and areas of bumpy terrain that would be a struggle to traverse with a cheaper hand-propelled model.It features six-stage, single-lever cutting-height adjustment (28-92mm), so a precision finish is easily achievable; and it has a thick-gauge steel cutting-deck which brings the strength and rigidity that are essential for a long service-life.Offering mulching; bagging; and rear-discharge capabilities, the MTD O53SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower can be adapted to suit all manner of weather- and grass-conditions (mulching is optional). A high-capacity 70-litre grass-collector means less downtime thanks to a reduction in the frequency of emptying-stops; while a fold-down handlebar works to free-up space in your garage or shed (the handlebar is three-stage height-adjustable for optimum user-comfort).

MTD S53MSPB Self-Propelled Mulcher Lawnmower

MTD S53MSPB Self-Propelled Mulcher Lawnmower £359.00
If you’re maintaining a larger lawn and would rather not waste time and energy collecting and disposing of grass-clippings, then the side-discharge and mulch-capable MTD S53MSPB should be given serious consideration.In mulching-mode, which is ideal for neat, frequently mown lawns, the cut grass is mulched and forced back into the standing grass, where it will quickly rot and release essential moisture and nutrients; while in side-discharge mode – great for longer grass – clippings are ejected to the right-hand-side of the mower so they won’t get tangled around your feet.The MTD S53MSPB Self-Propelled Mulcher Lawnmower comes powered by a 127cc Briggs & Stratton 550E-Series engine with an overhead-valve that enables it to run cooler and cleaner (than a side-valve engine) for reduced fuel-costs and a longer working-life. A Dura-Boreā„¢ cast iron sleeve ensures the cylinder will cope with season after season of abuse and wear; while B & S’s Super Lo-Tone Muffler delivers the quietest lawn-mowing experience possible.In order to help you deal with differing grass-lengths and terrains, MTD have furnished the S53MSPB with six preset heights-of-cut, adjustable from 28 to 92mm via individual wheels.It’s a power-driven machine, so excels when it comes to covering inclines and rough-grass areas; and it features an ergonomically optimised handlebar, which is fully foldable for space-saving transport and storage.Also noteworthy is the strong and durable steel cutter-deck.

MTD S46SPOE Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower (Electric Start)

MTD S46SPOE Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower (Electric Start) £339.00
A powerful steel-decked machine, this affordable petrol rotary mower from MTD offers the sort of cutting-performance and durability that can’t be matched by a mains-driven mower. At its heart is a dependable MTD ThorX 55 engine; a 173cc four-stroke unit with an OHV-type design that delivers improved fuel-economy; a reduction in vibration and noise; and a cut in the emission of polluting exhaust gasses. An electric starter eliminates ignition headaches.The MTD S46SPOE Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower can either collect; mulch (optional); or rear-discharge your cut grass. This three-in-one capability works with a six-step cutting-height to ensure you’ll be able to get fantastic results, whatever grass-type or terrain you’re confronted with (height adjustment is via just two levers).Supplied with a high-volume 70-litre grassbag, the MTD S46SPOE can be used for long periods between each visit to the compost pile.It benefits from power-driven rear-wheels that take the hard work out of mowing on rough ground and inclines; and it’s fitted with foldable handlebars that ensure it will take up very little space in the garage or shed.This model’s mid-sized 46cm working width is ideal for lawns up to 1500m2.

MTD O46SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower

MTD O46SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower £319.00
With this powerful self-propelled rotary mower from MTD at your disposal, you’ll be able to cover a lawn up to a substantial 1500m2 with speed and efficiency.A flexible three-in-one machine offering bagging; optional mulching; and rear-discharge, the MTD O46SPB has a mowing-mode for every eventuality. A capacious 60-litre fabric grass-collector comes as standard; while the mulch-plug is available separately.The MTD O46SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower has been equipped with an ultra-reliable 140cc (2.7hp) 500E-Series four-stroke engine from U.S. industry leaders Briggs & Stratton. 550-Series engines boast a Magnetron® electronic ignition for dependable starting at each time of asking; splash lubrication for reduced component-wear; and an OHV design that optimises fuel-efficiency and ensures clean, low-noise operation. Thanks to its rear-wheel power-drive, the MTD O46SPB is a great performer on slopes and challenging undulating areas. It has a three-position adjustable handlebar, so you’ll be able to mow in comfort whatever your height; and it offers single-point height-of-cut adjustment, so it couldn’t be simpler to select the most suitable blade position for the conditions (adjustment is through six stages from 28 to 92mm).With its 46cm cutting-deck built from high-quality heavy-gauge steel, the MTD O46SPB is impressively strong and durable.

MTD S53SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower

MTD S53SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower £319.00
Anyone looking for a fast and efficient way to keep a larger lawn in tip-top condition should place this high-performance 53cm-cut rotary mower from MTD high on their list of potential purchases (it’s aimed at areas up to 2000m2). Driving the S53SPO is a powerful 2.3hp (123cc) ThorX 35 four-stroke engine from MTD. Thanks to their overhead-valve positioning, these ultra-dependable power-packs offer a substantial reduction in noise, fuel-costs and emissions when compared to less advanced side-valve units. Ignition is easily achieved, via an easy-pull recoil starter.The MTD S53SPO lets the user select from three cutting-modes (bagging; rear-discharge; optional mulching), so you won’t be defeated by changing weather conditions and grass-type. Contributing further to flexibility-of-use is a six-step height-of-cut that’s quick-and-easy to set using only two levers (the range is from 28mm all the way up to 92mm).A power-driven machine, the MTD S53SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower will come into its own on lawns and informal grass areas with rough sections and banks to negotiate.It benefits from a fold-down handlebar, so storage and transport won’t prove a problem; and it features a robust steel cutter-deck that works to maximise product-life.This model comes with a roomy 70-litre grass-catcher, so downtime caused by emptying stops will be minimal.

MTD O42SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower

MTD O42SPB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower £299.00
With a steel deck and a premium Briggs & Stratton engine at its heart, this superior petrol rotary mower from MTD offers the perfect combination of durability and reliability.The engine itself is from B & S’s new 450E-Series. These high-performance four-stroke units have a substantial 125cc cylinder displacement and employ cutting-edge overhead-valve technology that brings a multitude of benefits, including lower fuel-costs; reduced vibration and noise; and fewer damaging exhaust emissions. A Magnetron® electronic ignition ensures dependable recoil starts; while splash lubrication and a paper air-filter combine to maximise engine-life.The MTD O42SPB has a power-drive to the large-diameter rear-wheels, so it will prove a great choice if your lawn has slopes; undulating sections; and/or areas of tussocky grass.It features single-lever height-of-cut adjustment, so it couldn’t be simpler to select one of the six preset blade positions; and it’s fitted with a three-step adjustable handlebar that ensures gardeners of any stature can mow in comfort (the handlebar folds for storage).In order to help you deal with changing grass-conditions, MTD have equipped the O42SPB with three mowing-modes: collection; rear-discharge; and mulching (mulch-plug optional).This model has a 60-litre grassbag and a 42cm cut; a combination that makes it perfect for lawns up to around 800m2.

MTD S46SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower

MTD S46SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower £289.00
MTD’s S46SPO mower is designed for use on medium-sized areas and ideal for gardeners looking to upgrade from an electric machine for the first time.The MTD S46SPO comes powered by a high-performance 2.3hp (123cc) MTD ThorX 35 engine that eschews the old-fashioned side-valve design in favour of an overhead-valve configuration. This brings numerous benefits, including improved fuel-economy; reduced emissions; and less noise and vibration. Starting is via a low-effort recoil-type ignition system.Boasting a self-propelled transmission, the MTD S46SPO will take inclines and areas of rough, tussocky grass in its stride.It offers six preset blade-heights (28-92mm), which can be speedily selected using just the two levers; and is has a rugged steel chassis at its heart, so you can be sure you’ll get season after season of unfailing service from your purchase.Giving you the choice of bagging; rear-discharging; or mulching your clippings with the optional mulch plug; the MTD S46SPO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower has a cutting-mode for every eventuality.Fold-down handlebars work to maximise available space in you storage area; while large diameter drive wheels aid both traction and turning.This model is supplied with a roomy 60-litre grass-catcher that ensures interruptions for emptying will be few and far between.

MTD O46PB Petrol Push Lawnmower

MTD O46PB Petrol Push Lawnmower £269.00
A powerful, high-specification petrol lawnmower, the MTD O46PB will make keeping-up a medium-sized lawn a fast, hassle-free operation.Key to its impressive cutting performance is its Briggs & Stratton 450E-Series engine; a 125cc overhead-valve four-stroke engine that develops a substantial 2.5hp @2900rpm. The OHV design of the engine brings numerous advantages over the old-fashioned side-valve configuration, including fewer polluting exhaust gases; improved fuel-economy; and a more pleasant engine tone.A paper air-filter combines with splash-type lubrication to maximise the engine’s working-life; while B & S’s Magnetron® electronic ignition ensures consistently reliable pull-starts.The MTD O46PB is a hand-propelled mower, so will come into its own on lawns with obstacles and awkward nooks and crannies to deal with (it weighs just 29kg, so is a breeze to push along).It’s a three-in-one machine (collect; optional mulch; rear-discharge), so it can be adapted to suit whatever conditions you’re confronted with; and it features centralised height-of-cut adjustment for quick and easy selection of your desired blade position (there are six steps, ranging from 28 to 92mm).The MTD O46PB Petrol Push Lawnmower has been constructed around a heavy-gauge steel chassis that delivers the rigidity and strength required for an extended product-life.A roomy 60-litre fabric grassbag ensures lots of cut grass can be collected between stops for emptying; while a three-step height-adjustable handlebar means operators of any stature can get the job done in comfort.

MTD S46PO Petrol Push Lawnmower

MTD S46PO Petrol Push Lawnmower £219.00
Consign your mains-driven lawnmower to the scrapheap and enjoy unrestricted movement around your garden with this well-appointed petrol-powered machine from MTD.Power for the MTD S46PO Petrol Push Lawnmower is delivered by a 123cc (2.3hp) MTD ThorX 35 engine; a four-stroke unit with an OHV configuration that works to greatly reduce harmful exhaust-emissions; vibration; noise; and fuel-consumption. Starting requires minimal effort thanks to MTD’s easy-pull recoil ignition.The MTD S46PO offers both bagging and direct rear-discharge as standard; and mulching as optional, so you’ll have no trouble managing changing grass-types. MTD’s provision of a six-step cutting-height (28-92cm) contributes further to flexibility-of-use (adjustments are simple to make using only two levers).The heavy-gauge steel chassis on the MTD S46PO benefits from very little welding and a powder-coated paint finish; a combination that confers superior rust-resistance.A hand-propelled mower, the MTD S46PO will prove far easier to guide around obstacles and along borders that a similarly sized power-driven machine. Ideal for areas up to around 1000m2, this 46cm-cut model also features a space-saving foldable handlebar.