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Gaillardia bedding plants

by Diane - March 10th, 2014.
Filed under: Bedding plants, Suttons Seeds.

Gaillardia Plants – Galya Mix
These well-branched plants produce a profuse and continuous flower display over a long period. The medium-to-large, double flowers are borne on upright stems, set off against attractive, rich green foliage. Flowers May-August. Height 40cm (16).

Gaillardia Plants – Mesa Peach
A first year flowering, strong-growing, drought-tolerant variety, It boasts a uniform, well-branched habit with fade-resistant peach-and-red blooms. Flowers May-July. Height 35-40cm (14-16). Middle of border variety.

North American Wildflower Mix Seed
Create a colourful garden tapestry with this stunning mix of North American wild flowers, including pink fairies (Clarkia pulchella) from the Rockies, golden yellow Tickseed (Coreopsis tinctoria) from the Great Plains and the scarlet and yellow Fire Wheel (Gaillardia pulchella) from Oklahoma. Many wild flowers from North America were used by native American Indians for culinary or medicinal purposes.

Gaillardia Goblin Seeds
Spectacular crimson blooms, edged with yellow. Broad-petalled daisy flowers mostly yellow, flame and red, often edged in bright contrast. Splendid summer border plants, providing material for cutting. HP – Hardy perennial. Height 38cm (15).

Gaillardia Seeds – Red Plume
Fully double, deep red, spherical flower heads, held well above the foliage. Equally good in borders or containers, long-blooming and ideal for cutting. Height 25-30cm (10-12). HP – Hardy perennial. Attractive to butterflies and pollinatorsStriking as a cut flowerFlowers in the first year