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Grafted vegetables

by Diane - March 10th, 2014.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

You might be familiar with the idea of grafting for fruit trees. Tomatoes have been commercially grafted for years – and now a range of grafted vegetables are available for the home grower!

Grafted plants have been used commercially for years and are found to be:
Be more vigorous, producing larger plants.
Have greater resistance to pests and diseases.
Have less susceptibility to nutritional disorders.
Perform well with less heat in your greenhouse.
Yield top quality fruit over a longer period compared to normal plants.

Aubergine Grafted Plants – F1 Scorpio £9.99

Aubergine Grafted Plants – F1 Scorpio £3.99

Aubergine Grafted Plants – F1 Scorpio £11.97

Cucumber Grafted Plant – Mini Star £3.99

Cucumber Grafted Plant – Shakira £3.99

Cucumber Grafted Plants – Mini Star £11.97

Cucumber Grafted Plants – Mini Star £9.99

Cucumber Grafted Plants – Shakira £11.97

Cucumber Grafted Plants – Shakira £9.99

Grafted Tomato Plants & Potato Collection £14.98

Melon Grafted Plant – Mini Love £3.99

Melon Grafted Plants – Mini Love £11.97

Melon Grafted Plants – Mini Love £9.99

Pepper (Sweet Mini) Plants – Snackbite Collection £7.99

Pepper (Sweet Mini) Plants – Snackbite Orange £5.99

Pepper (Sweet Mini) Plants – Snackbite Red £5.99

Pepper (Sweet Mini) Plants – Snackbite Yellow £5.99

Squash Grafted Plants – Hunter £9.99

Squash Grafted Plants – Hunter £11.97

Tomato Grafted Plant – Sweet Petit £3.99

Tomato Grafted Plants – Florryno/Zebrino Twins £12.99

Tomato Grafted Plants – Orangino/Zebrino Twins £12.99

Tomato Grafted Plants – Single Collection £11.99

Tomato Grafted Plants – Sweet Petit £11.97

Tomato Grafted Plants – Sweet Petit £9.99

Tomato Grafted Plants – Twins Collection £14.99