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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - March 11th, 2014.
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Plant Me Now has these new products today

Botanico Electric Greenhouse Heater 2kW

Botanico Electric Greenhouse Heater 2kW £39.95
The Botanico portable electric greenhouse heater is great in a conservatory or greenhouse. It features both an automatic thermostat and a cool air option. Ideal for use in both conservatories and greenhouses Thermostatically controlled frost guard 2 heat setting Cool air option 1 year guarantee 1.8m flex (approx) 2kW Heater suitable for 8ft-10ft greenhouses (guide only)

Insulation Bubble Wrap (30 metres)

Insulation Bubble Wrap (30 metres) £19.95
Ideal for lining greenhouses, this bubble insulation film prevents frost damage and retains considerable heat. Bubbles measure 5mm x 10mm Reduces heating bills by retaining heat Reduces risk of frost damage Ideal as packaging material

Joseph Bentley Children's Digging Fork

Joseph Bentley Children’s Digging Fork £12.95
The children’s garden fork is used for general cultivation, smaller and lighter than the digging variety and is ideal for use in tighter spaces. Carbon Steel Ash Handles A traditional garden tool designed for keen young gardeners Trading Standards classification of Early Learning. The Gardener’s apprentice range is designed to appeal to and enthuse the younger gardener. The traditional carbon steel tools are the perfect aid for children to learn about making a beautiful garden. The compact size and lightness combined with the practicality of the Apprentice tools enable children to enjoy gardening with comfort. 5 Year Guarantee

Green Up Feed and Weed plus Mosskiller Granular 48sqm

Green Up Feed and Weed plus Mosskiller Granular 48sqm £10.95
Triple action Lawn Feed & Weed plus Mosskiller, kills moss, controls common lawn weeds and feeds the lawn to give healthy lush green turf. Apply: April to September How to Use: Apply using a calibrated spreader according to the application instructions on the pack. Rake out dead moss and other debris after 10-14 days. Bare areas should be re-seeded after 28 days to prevent reinvasion by weeds. For a high quality lawn _ repeat applications at 4-6 week intervals. NPK 8-0-4 Contains 2,4-D, mecoprop-p & ferrous sulphate Always read the label, use pesticides safely.

Large Dustpan and Brush

Large Dustpan and Brush £8.95
Great for gardeners, this large dustpan and stiff brush makes light work of cleaning up soil. The deep sides help hold more dirt while the longer than standard stiff brush makes quick work of cleaning things up.

Dahlia Mom's Special (1 tuber)

Dahlia Mom’s Special (1 tuber) £2.45
Mom’s Special is a white dahlia with pale lilac stripes. It grows up to 100cm tall and flowers all summer long. A Sunning rose with an elegant twist, perfect for your beds and borders. Dahlias like any well cultivated, garden soil with a good supply of organic material. Sunny sites away from strong winds. Use as a border or bedding plant dahlias make good cut flowers. Short varieties can also be grown in containers on the patio or balcony. Dahlias vary in height, so plant at the front or back of borders or in pots, according to height. Keep the plants well watered during growth. Either lift tubers after flowering and store frost free in dry compost or particularly in warmer areas, cover with a mulch over winter. For early flowering, tubers may be started off in boxes in April; use a light soil mixed with compost. Keep slightly moist, cool and free from frost. When he danger of frosts has passed, plant out the sprouted tubers. If used as a cut flower, cut the stems on when the flower has fully developed.