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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 19th, 2014.
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New products added today at Suttons Seeds

Bean (Runner) Plants - Super Collection

Bean (Runner) Plants – Super Collection £7.99
‘Super’ Runner Beans – A new generation of ‘super’ runner beans for your best harvests ever! The ‘Super’ Runner Bean Collection contains 12 plants (4 of each variety): Tenderstar – Unique pink-and-red flowers and tender, tasty beans. Tenderstar has to be tasted to be believed – its flavour and tenderness are exceptional. Plants bear a profusion of pink-and-red blooms, and masses of 18-20cm long pods are freely produced throughout the summer whatever the weather. The short fleshy pods make preparation for cooking exceptionally easy – just top, tail and steam or lightly boil.Firestorm – Vibrant red flowers and exceptionally delicious beans. An innovative red-flowered variety which sets huge quantities of high quality 25cm long pods of exceptional flavour.Moonlight – Glistening white flowers and tasty stringless pods. this outstanding variety produces masses of snow-white flowers and bumper crops of tasty, smooth, stringless pods!

Windowsill Propagator  x 2

Windowsill Propagator x 2 £1.00
20 Jiffy Strip Windowsill Propagator x 2. Easy to use – just add compost and water. Full instructions given on sleeve.Re-usable tray and lid for seed starting again and againRidges in base tray help prevent overwateringPlanting complete with pots will not disturb fragile root systemContains: 20 x 4.5cm (1) Jiffy pot strips; Waterproof tray; Propagator lid.