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Books on compost and composting at Blackwells

by Diane - March 20th, 2014.
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Blackwells have some great compost books


Compost £9.99
In this new edition of her hands-on guide to the art of composting, House & Garden garden editor, Clare Foster, shows you how to build a compost box, select the best ingredients and put the resulting organic compost to the best use in your outdoor…

Composting Inside and Out

Composting Inside and Out £9.99
Helps homeowners, farmers, and landscapers reduce the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides. Of interest to those who grow houseplants, maintains a large garden, or participates in community gardening, this guide explains why it’s important…

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible £15.99
A comprehensive guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables. It offers practical advice ranging from building raised beds, planning your veg patch to making your own compost. It helps you learn how to make the most of your garden and grow…

The Curious Gardener's Almanac

The Curious Gardener’s Almanac £10.00
Contains over 1000 entries of information about flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, herbs, insects, birds, water, soil, tools, composts, climate, recipes, gardens and gardeners, myths, superstitions, biodynamics. This work also includes famous…

The Earth Moved

The Earth Moved £8.99
The earthworm may be small, spineless, and blind, but its role in the ecosystem is profound. It tills the soil, destroys microscopic organisms that cause plant disease, breaks down toxins, and turns soil into rich compost, creating the most…


Compost £7.99


Compost £7.99
Making compost isn’t just simple and satisfying, it saves you spending money on expensive soil conditioners and mulches. There’s no need for fancy gadgets. This title lets you discover how to build a simple bin, find the best tools for the job…

Essential Allotment Guide

Essential Allotment Guide £6.99
Shows how to improve your chances of getting an allotment and move up the waiting list. This book offers advises on clearing an allotment, planning what to grow and how, building compost bins, using raised beds – plus detailed instructions on…

A Book of Garden Wisdom

A Book of Garden Wisdom £5.99
Features organic gardening hints, tips and folklore from yesteryear, from companion planting to compost, with 150 glorious photographs. This title covers all types of garden, including cottage gardens, orchards, hedgerows, kitchen gardens and herb…

Yucky Worms

Yucky Worms £5.99
The humble earthworm plays a significant role in the environment, as all farmers and gardeners know: it aerates the soil, composts dead matter into rich humus in which seeds can germinate and plants can grow. Children love them too …