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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - March 21st, 2014.
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New items at MowDirect

Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £2499.00
Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying it with the fully automatic Robomow RS630.The set-up process couldn’t be more straightforward – simply position the supplied base-station in a convenient position; peg-out the border wire around the zone to be mown; and then input your desired start times. The Robomow will then set-off at those times and mow your lawn under its own steam, before returning to the base-station for battery-charging.The Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower offers a remote control capability as standard – you’ll be able to communicate with and control it using your Smartphone or tablet whether you’re out shopping or out of the country.It combines impressively powerful 400w mowing-motors with an ultra-sharp premium-grade steel blade so as to optimise cutting-performance on heavy growth; and it utilises Robomow’s exclusive Edge Mode technology, whereby it can be set-up to closely track lawn edges for less post-mowing trimming work.Parts on the Robomow RS630 can be rapidly replaced with no professional help, thanks to its modular design. A floating deck delivers a supremely neat and consistent finish by ensuring every surface undulation is closely tracked; while automatic cut-out sensors work to maximise the safety of children and dogs by stopping the blade the second the unit is tilted or lifted. Offering an extra-wide 56cm working-width, the Robomow RS630 is a fast and efficient performer on the very large lawn (up to 3000m2).Its high-performance drive motors and powerful 26v lithium battery enable it operate successfully on gradients up to a substantial 36%; while its pin-code activation system acts as a deterrent to theft, rendering it useless to anyone without access to the pin number. The RS630 operates at a remarkably quiet 74dB (A), so you’ll still be able to enjoy your outside area when it’s working.It features an Eco Mode, which, when grass conditions suit, can be engaged in order to minimise energy consumption; and it’s multi-zone capable, so can be programmed to mow separate areas individually (four zones maximum).

Robomow RS622 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RS622 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1899.00
With this powerful, agile and simple-to-use automatic robot mower from Robomow added to your garden armoury, you’ll inevitably wonder how you ever managed with your old walk-behind machine.It might be an advanced bit of kit, but it couldn’t be more straightforward set-up: just place the docking-station in a suitable position; peg-out the perimeter wire around the mow-zone; and then programme-in the departure times you’re looking for – the Robomow will then do the rest, completely unsupervised.The Robomow RS622 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower offers an optional remote control capability, whereby you can communicate with it from pretty much any position across the globe using your Smartphone or tablet.It combines very high-performance 400w mowing-motors with a extra-heavy-duty steel blade so as to ensure challenging grass-conditions are met head-on; and it boasts a floating cutter-deck that delivers a super-neat finish by tracking every minute undulation in the lawn surface.With its beefy 26c lithium-type battery-pack and substantial 56cm cut, the Robomow RS622 is a fast and efficient performer on the large lawn (up to around 2200m2).Its simple modular construction makes it possible to replace any parts without seeking professional help; while a safety cut system works to protect pets and children by ensuring the blade is halted when the unit is either tilted or lifted.So as to render theft of the RS266 pointless, Robomow have fitted it with pin-code locking.It features high-traction wheels that combine with the powerful motors to facilitate operation on marked inclines (up to 36%); and it’s capable of dealing with up to four zones, so it will prove a great buy if your garden has multiple lawned sections.Thanks to its Eco Mode, the Robomow RS622 can be set-up to use minimal energy if the grass isn’t too long or thick.It’s remarkably quiet in use (just 74dB (A)), so it’s the ideal mower for anyone living in a noise-sensitive area; and it offers Robomow’s unique edge-mode that will save you a great deal of follow-up work with your strimmer.

Robomow RS612 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RS612 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1599.00
If you like idea of a supremely well-groomed lawn, but don’t fancy putting-in the hours required to achieve it, let remarkable Robomow RS612 do the work for you.Despite the advanced technology it uses, it really is a doddle to set-up – all that’s required is to position the base-station; put down the supplied border-wire around the lawn; input your preferred mowing-times; and the job’s done – your lawn will be mown whatever you’re doing, wherever you are in the world. Capable of handling tough grass-conditions, such as those associated with the first cut of the season, the Robomow RS612 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower combines a very high-performance 26v lithium battery-cell with impressively powerful 400w mowing-motors and one of the strongest steel blades you’ll find on a domestic lawnmower.It benefits from a safety-maximising automatic cut-out system that’s activated if it’s either lifted from the ground or tilted; and it offers obstacle detection that will see it change direction if its path is blocked. The Robomow RS612 has an expansive 56cm width-of-cut that makes it the perfect match for lawns around 1200m2.Its straightforward modular design means you won’t need to call on a professional should you need to replace a part; while its remote access capability makes it possible to interact from anywhere globally using your tablet or Smartphone.Super quiet in operation, the Robomow RS612 won’t annoy you or your neighbours as it goes about its work. It features an energy-saving Eco Mode, which can be activated to optimise efficiency if the grass-growth isn’t too heavy; and it’s fitted with a floating mower-deck that will follow undulations in the lawn surface so as to ensure a beautifully neat, consistent finish.Thanks to its powerful motors and high-traction wheels, this model will operate happily on slopes up to 36%. Pin-code locking brings reassurance when it comes to the possibility of theft; while Robomow’s unique Edge Mode facility works to minimise the amount of post-mowing strimming-work required. You don’t need to worry if your garden contains multiple zones – the Robomow RS612 can be programmed to cut them all individually (up to four zones).

Robomow RC306 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RC306 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1199.00
Whether you’re out of the country; out shopping; or simply relaxing around the house; this high-specification robot mower from pioneering manufacturers Robomow will cut your lawn automatically at whatever time you specify.It might be technologically advanced, but it’s nevertheless super-simple to set up – all you have to do is layout the perimeter wire around the area that’s to be mown; place the base station in an unobtrusive position; and then set your mowing-times. The Robomow will then do the rest, before coming back to base for recharging. The Robomow RC306 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower combines powerful 200w mowing-motors with a high-performance 26v lithium-type battery and a hardwearing premium-steel blade so as to optimise cutting-capability on thick, tussocky grass.It can be communicated with via Smartphones and tablets, so you can control it from pretty much anywhere a mobile signal is available; and it features an easy-adjust height-of-cut (15 – 60mm) that makes selecting your preferred blade-setting a hassle-free operation.In order to maximise the safety of children and pets, Robomow have equipped this model with an auto cut-out system that shuts it down the moment lifting or tilting is detected. Pin-code locking ensures steeling it would be without purpose; while a high-powered drive motor facilitates operation on sharp inclines (up to 36%).Featuring Robomow’s Edge Mode technology, whereby it closely tracks the border wire, the Robomow RC306 will save you lots of work with your hand shears or strimmer. Its modular construction means new parts can be installed with no help from a maintenance pro; while its multi-zone capability enables it to cut separate grassed-areas individually.The RC306 has a compact 28cm width-of-cut and is an ideal match for lawns up to 600m2.

Robomow RC304 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RC304 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £999.00
There’s no messing around with the cutting-edge Robomow RC304 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower – just layout the border wire; position the base-station; programme your preferred mowing-times; and sit back and relax as it mows your lawn with no human intervention required. Combining a heavy-duty triple-tipped steel blade with high-torque 200w mowing-motors and an impressively powerful 26v lithium-ion battery-pack, the Robomow RC304 has the cutting-capability to deal with the sort of thick grass-growth that would likely defeat a less well-equipped machine.It offers Robomow’s exclusive Edge Mode function, which you can engage if you’d prefer to do less follow-up strimming work; and it’s both tablet and mobile-phone compatible, so you can communicate with it from any location using your handheld device.The modular design of the Robomow RC304 means you can replace parts quickly and simply without resorting to professional assistance.An adjustable cutting-height with a range of 15mm to 60mm confers the flexibility you’ll need to fine-tune your finish; while pin-code activation makes steeling the unit pointless. So as to bring piece-of-mind when it comes to safety, Robomow have furnished the RC304 with a safety cut-out system that will kick-in if it’s lifted or tilted.Robomow’s Eco Mode can be activated to lessen energy consumption where grass-conditions are conducive; while their provision of a beefy drive-motor means slopes up to 36% won’t prove a problem.This model will handle gardens with several lawned areas and can be set-up to mow them all individually. It has a 28cm cut and is suitable for lawns around 400m2.

Robomow RC302 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RC302 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £799.00
With the addition of the automatic Robomow RC302 to your garden-machinery collection, you’ll be able to relax during your free time, rather than trudging up and down your lawn behind an old-fashioned walk-behind machine.Once the perimiter switch has been positioned and the perimeter wire laid-out, all you need to do is put the automatic mower down on your lawn and let the Robomow do the rest!The Robomow RC302 comes with a powerful 3Ah (26v) lithium battery and high-performance 200w mowing-motors which combine to drive a heavy-duty steel mulching-blade that will take the first cut of the growing season in its stride (the battery-pack charges to capacity in between 60 and 90-minutes).It’s both mobile-phone and tablet-capable, so you can communicate with it remotely where necessary; and it features Robomow’s unique Edge Mode function, whereby it can be set-up to closely track the perimeter wire so as to save on follow-up strimming work.With its compact 28cm cutting-width, the Robomow RC302 is great for smaller-lawns (up to 200m2) and will take-up very little storage room.An operating noise-level of a minimal 68dB (A) means you’ll be still able to enjoy your garden when the mower’s at work; while a quick-adjust height-of-cut (15-60mm) will see you select the most effective blade-position without fuss.Thanks to its beefy drive-motor, the Robomow RC302 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower is capable of handling marked inclines up to 36%. It boasts a modular design that facilitates simple parts replacement with no professional help required; and it incorporates a safety cut-out system which ensures the blade stops if the unit is tilted or lifted from the ground.Also featured is pin-code activation for piece-of-mind when it comes to theft; and Eco Mode for low-energy operation where conditions allow.Should you wish to schedule mowing sessions and/or mow multiple zones, you can purchase the optional base-station.

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Ex Demo 30 Mins Use)

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Ex Demo 30 Mins Use) £369.00
With the Greenworks Twin Force mower you can now enjoy the benefits of low cost and noise-free battery-powered mowing on medium-large lawns and wave goodbye to smoky engines and unplanned trips to the petrol station.Greenworks 40V lithium-ion cordless mowers offer instant power at the press of a button without the need for fuelling up or yanking at a pull cord.Best of all, because they employ the most advanced battery and motor technology available, these mowers cost just a few pounds to run each season and you won’t be landed with a hefty service bill at the end of the year.The Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion Mower provides the power you need to take on any lawn up to 2000 sq m and thanks to its ultra-efficient twin bladed cutting system you can enjoy virtually continuous mowing by alternating between the two 40V batteries supplied with the machine.Another unique feature of this mower is its ‘Power Save’ system which raises and lowers the power output (and the speed of the blades) according to conditions. This means you are never wasting an unnecessary output from the battery and can mow for longer on one charge. Greenworks make premium quality garden equipment and this Twin Force cordless mower is no exception. Start with the spring-assisted central height adjuster: it’s metal with a comfort grip handle and makes changing the height setting incredibly easy. The body of the machine is made from a stylish yet highly durable polymer that will never rust or dent. And the handles are solid steel with full-width bale arm and soft grip for comfort and control. (They are also height-adjustable to suit the size of the operator and fully collapsible for compact storage.)Other premium features include a quality canvas grass collector with hard top that will pack in the grass and prevent dust rising in drier conditions. A grass-bag full indicator lets you know when to empty without having to stop and check resulting in shorter mowing times.This mower can also be used as a mulcher (plug supplied) enabling you to undertake collection-free mowing on lawns in super-quick time whilst for areas of rough you can simply cut and drop. The high-wheel design on this model makes it easier to manoeuvre on uneven ground.A striping mat helps to create a pleasing finish and the gentle hum of the motor means you won’t annoy the neighbours even if you make an early start!

Mountfield HP180 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower (Showroom Model - Slight Scratches to Handle)

Mountfield HP180 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower (Showroom Model – Slight Scratches to Handle) £185.00
Representing exceptional value, with great specifications and a quality build, this hand propelled lawnmower delivers the kind of great cutting power, durability and robust construction that you would normally expect to find way up in another price bracket.The deck is tough, sturdy pressed steel, for durability and a fine-looking finish.The engine is a 148cc Briggs & Stratton 450 Series offering reliable operation and lots of power. The mower is a great starter, with an easy, smooth and dependable recoil pull. There is also a throttle control enabling you to up the revs for more demanding conditions.The 45 centimetre (18