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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 26th, 2014.
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New items added today at Suttons Seeds

Drift Rose Plants - Peach

Drift Rose Plants – Peach £12.99
We are really excited about this series! Drift Roses are a cross between standard groundcover roses and miniature roses. The result is a cold-hardy, maintenance-free, disease-resistant shrub that produces sprays of small roses. They bloom continuously from spring through to first frosts and have attractive, glossy foliage. Their dwarf, spreading habit, floriferous nature, and ease of care make them an ideal choice for any situation – great for terraces, pots, hanging baskets, front of a classic flower border, mass planting, hillsides – the list goes on! Height 30cm (12).

Chilean Guava Plants - Kapow

Chilean Guava Plants – Kapow £10.00
Rumour has it that this tasty little number was Queen Victorias favourite fruit!Chilean Guavas look like blueberries, taste like wild strawberries and are absolutely delicious we can see why HRH was so fond of them. They even come with sweetly scented, powder pink lily-of-the-valley type flowers, are a wonderful addition to any garden and one definitely not to be missed! Plants supplied in 9cm pots.

Agastache Plants - Liquorice Blue

Agastache Plants – Liquorice Blue £9.99
This first-class variety produces attractive, upright spikes of hooded rose-purple blooms that are a magnet for bees and butterflies. Flowers June-September. Height 60cm (24). Front of border variety.

Gaillardia Plants - Mesa Peach

Gaillardia Plants – Mesa Peach £9.99
A first year flowering, strong-growing, drought-tolerant variety, It boasts a uniform, well-branched habit with fade-resistant peach-and-red blooms. Flowers May-July. Height 35-40cm (14-16). Middle of border variety.

Nepeta Plants - Blue Moon

Nepeta Plants – Blue Moon £9.99
This first year flowering perennial boasts large, dense, pale blue flower spikes. It’s early blooming, free flowering, and heat-tolerant. Soft, hairy, aromatic foliage. Flowers June-September. Height 45cm (18). Middle of border

Scabiosa Plants - Fama Blue

Scabiosa Plants – Fama Blue £9.99
This first year flowering perennial is a big attractor of bees and butterflies. It boasts deep blue flowers atop strong stems. Flowers June-September. Height 50cm (20). Middle of border variety.

Lysimachia Plants - Beaujolais

Lysimachia Plants – Beaujolais £9.99
A first year flowering perennial with an upright growing habit, producing sturdy, deep wine-red flower spikes that are highly attractive to butterflies. Flowers late May-September. Height. 40-50cm (16-20′). Back of border variety.

Achillea Plants - Goldie

Achillea Plants – Goldie £9.99
A first year flowering perennial, producing large clusters of golden-yellow blooms set off beautifully against silver-green foliage. Flowers May-July. Height 18cm (7). Front of border variety.

Echinacea Plants - Paradiso

Echinacea Plants – Paradiso £9.99
A unique blend of colours and flower forms, including varieties with upright, spooned or reflexed petals. Ideal for cutting and drying. Flowers July-September. Height 75cm (30). Back of border variety.