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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 27th, 2014.
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New items today at PondKeeper

EasyPond 30000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 30000 Pond Kit with Liner £299.99
If you want to construct a large pond but find yourself limited by budget constraints then this Pond Kit is definitely worth considering. We used this kit ourselves to build our own pond in 2011 and it is still going strong.Pond Dimensions: 23′ x 13′ x 3′ (6.7 x 4.6 x 1.0m)Once constructed your new pond will hold 28000 Litres (6200 gallons).
The set includes everything you need including a large liner and underlay, a pond pump and filter and the hose to tie everything together. This kit enables you to build a substantial garden feature to be proud of – at less than £300 this is a steal!

EasyPond 20000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 20000 Pond Kit with Liner £279.99
Building a large garden pond – ie, anything over 4x3m can start to become very expensive. We have countered this problem by creating this pond kit at a bargain price to encourage our customers to put in a larger pond. The pond equipment found inside this pack will create a pond:Dimensions: 15′ x 15′ x 3′ (4.5×4.5x1m)Such a pond when constructed will hold 20250 litres or 4500 gallons.
Included in your project pack is a pond liner, underlay, pump, filter, hose and clips.

EasyPond 12000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 12000 Pond Kit with Liner £249.99
This pond kit includes everything you need to make a garden pond. By installing the equipment in this kit you can generate the following pond size:13′ x 10′ x 3′ (4x3x1m) 12000 ltrs/ 2650 gallons
The kit includes the bestselling PondXpert Pondpush 8000 pump and the PondXpert 12000 EasyFilter UVC Pond Filter. Also included is a 7x6m pond liner, underlay, hose and clips.
We go the extra yard to provide everything you need to finish the project without having to nip back down to the Garden Centre.

EasyPond 10000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 10000 Pond Kit with Liner £219.99
This pond kit contains everything you need to build a substantial fish pond. When built to it’s maximum size the pond equipment contained in this set could be used to build a pond with dimensions:
11′ x 10′ x 3′ (3.3m x 3.0m x 1m) 9900 ltrs / 2200 gals
The pack we have put together ontains everything you need for a pond build including the following quality components:
Pond pump supplied is a PondXpert PondPush 6000 filter pump.
Pond Filter is the PondXpert EasyFilter 12000.
A 6x6m liner is supplied along with underlay and we also include the necessary pond hose and clips to join everything together.

EasyPond 9000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 9000 Pond Kit with Liner £199.99
We really like this system. It is big enough to build a decent sized pond with decent depth to keep your fish happy!
Pond Size: 10′ x 10′ x 3′ (3x3x1m)
Finished pond can hold approx. 9000 Litres (2000 gallons).
From the 6x6m 40yr guarantee pond liner to the powerful 6000lph pond pump this project pack represents tremendous value – your £200 pond budget really stretches a long way with this kit.
The pump provide in this set is one of our bestsellers – the PondXpert Pondpush 6000 – it offers a maximum flow rate of 6000lph which is one of the most popular rates with our customers. Despite its power the pump’s eco motor is only 65 watts so running costs are kept low – the RRP of this pump alone is £159.99!!
The pond filter provided in the pack is an EasyFilter 9000 – this has an in-built 9 watt UVC and features easy-clean functionality.
The kit comes complete with pond hose and clips so everything can be successfully joined together.

EasyPond 8000 Liner Kit

EasyPond 8000 Liner Kit £189.99
Everything you need to complete the perfect pond.
Pond Size: 13′ x 11′ x 2′ deep (4 x 3.4 x 0.6m)
Pond Project Kit includes a 6x5m pond liner, 30sqm of pond liner underlay, a pressurised UV filter, pond pump, hose and clips.
This set has been carefully prepared to provide you with everything you need to build a garden pond to hold 8160 litres of water (1800 gallons). The PondXpert FlowMaster 5000 pond pump is ultra-reliable and can push solids up to 5mm through to the PondXpert EasyFilter 9000. This filter is packed with filter media to pick up the dirt and clean water is returned to your pond.
This pump and filter make up what is known as a “pressurised” filter system which is the most popular method of filtration in today’s market. From when the water is originally propelled from the submersible pump it remains under pressure until it is expelled back into the pond after it’s journey has taken it through the pond filter. This means that the pond filter can be hidden away or even buried – the result is a more aesthetically pleasing pond as the equipment can be hidden away.
Your kit will also include hose and clips to join everything together. No more running back to the DIY store or Garden Centre for bits and bobs!

EasyPond 7000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 7000 Pond Kit with Liner £179.99
All you need to create a perfect pond.
Creates pond size: 11 x 11 feet x 2 ft depth (3.4×3.4×0.6m)
Finished pond holds up to 7000 litres of water (1500 gallons).
Using this project kit you can create a garden pond to be proud of!
This kit includes a 5x5m pond liner with matching underlay.
The kit includes a pressurised pond filter and submersible pump – pond equipment that can be easily hidden so not to spoil the look of your finished masterpiece.
The pond pump included in this set is a PondXpert FlowMaster 4500 with a maximum flow rate of 4500 litres per hour and the ability to manage solid particles of dirt and debris up to 5mm in size.
The pond filter supplied is the PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 which features an easy-clean mechanism for easy cleaning without having to get inside the filter. Also the filter has a powerful 9w UVC which stops your pond water from going green.
Your project kit also incluses hose and clips to join everything together.

EasyPond 4500 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 4500 Pond Kit with Liner £149.99
Bestselling Pond Kit Solution.
We have successfully put together these kits for many years and have had thousands of satisfied customers. The kit contains our bestselling pond pump, pressure filter and pond liner and puts them together into one super value ‘project kit’.
This kit utilises a pressurised filtration system which is the modern approach to pondkeeping as it allows the pond filter to be positioned just about anywhere (out of the water) so your final view is not spoilt by the sight of unnatural looking pond equipment.
The kit contains pond liner, underlay, pond hose, pond clips, pond pump and UVC filter plus all necessary electric cable.
This really is a “pond in a box” solution – perhaps the perfect weekend project!

EasyPond 3000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 3000 Pond Kit with Liner £129.99
What a fun weekend project!
Everything you need to build a pond, delivered direct to your door!
Though we can’t supply the water or do the digging this kit contains all the pond equipment you need to build a garden feature you can be really proud of.
The kit contains a pressurised filter system which offers maximum landscaping opportunities as the equipment is easy to blend into the garden landscape.
The project set includes:
The Oase Pontec Pondomatic Pond Pump 2500 which can handle solid particles of dirt up to 4mm.
The PondXpert EasyFilter 4500 – a pressurised UV filter that sieves out the dirt pushed into it from the pump.
Pond Hose and Clips to join everything together nice and tight.
A durable PondXpert Flexiliner 4x4m pond liner with 40yr Guarantee.
Sixteen square metres of pond liner underlay.

EasyPond 2000 Pond Kit with Liner

EasyPond 2000 Pond Kit with Liner £119.99
NEW for 2014 this pond kit contains everything you need to create a small garden pond appox 6 feet x 5 feet.
We have used our experience and buying power to bring to you a pond kit for under £120!
Despite the attaractive price quality has not been compromised. You will receive genuine branded quality kit components. The filtration system is powered by the Oase Pontec Pondomax 1500 pond pump that can handle solid particles up to 4mm in size. This means that the pump can push through dirty water 24/7 without clogging and with little maintenance.
The dirty water is pushed into the PondXpert easyFilter 4500. This is a pressurised pond filter meaning that the water enters the filter under pressure from the pump then leaves under pressure – the benefits being that the filter can be positioned below the top of your waterfall (if you are thinking of running one) or even buried up to it’s lid. This means the filter can be hiodden in the garden landscape.
To line the pond itself we provide a 4x3m LDPE pond liner with 40yr guarantee and underlay to protect it from puncture.
All you need to do is to dig a hole and add water…