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New products at PondKeeper

by John - April 1st, 2014.
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PondKeeper has these new items today

Bermuda Kingfisher Spitter and Pond Pump

Bermuda Kingfisher Spitter and Pond Pump £69.99
We love the look of this new pondside ornament from Bermuda. The Kingfisher is a much-loved british wetland bird and now you get a chance to bring one to your pond.
Here we bundle the Kingfisher Spitter together with the bestselling PondXpert MightyMite Pond pump – everything you need in one set.

Bermuda Frog Tower and MightyMite Pump

Bermuda Frog Tower and MightyMite Pump £69.99
The Bermuda Frog Tower is one of Bermuda’s top selling water features. New to pondkeeper for this year, we have bundled it together with our bestselling feature pump to bring you a cracking deal!

Bermuda Flying Frog Spitter with pond pump

Bermuda Flying Frog Spitter with pond pump £69.99
This jumping/flying frog will brighten up any garden. Standing 1m tall the jet of water produced by the MightyMite pond pump will create a real splash!

Bermuda Kingfisher Spitter

Bermuda Kingfisher Spitter £59.99
This realistic pondside ornament looks fantastic – either working as a pondside spitter or simply swaying in the breeze. It stands an impressive 1m tall and will brighten up any garden!

Bermuda Frog Tower

Bermuda Frog Tower £59.99
You’d be hopping mad if you missed out on this water feature!
A tower of frogs spit several jets of water into the pond to help oxygenate your pond.

Bermuda Flying Frog Pond Spitter

Bermuda Flying Frog Pond Spitter £59.99
This new pond spitter feature from Bermuda is designed to be positioned pondside. If you attach a pump (1000lph recommended) it will fire a jet of water into the pond. Alternatively, it looks great as a static ornament.