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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - April 3rd, 2014.
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MowDirect has these new products today

Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor (Showroom Model)

Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor (Showroom Model) £3349.00
Any homeowner or commercial landscaper looking to work large expanses of land for long hours should take a good look at the feature-packed and exceptionally manoeuvrable Oleo-Mac 124S/22H.It’s equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 656cc twin-cylinder engine with a V-Twin configuration for low-noise, low-vibration operation; and overhead-valves for reduced emissions and improved fuel-economy. A Dura-Bore™ cast-iron cylinder lining will withstand years of wear and abuse and works to optimise compression; while B & S’s Advanced Debris Management System proactively deflects dirt and debris away from critical components so as to significantly extend engine-life.Built to cope with season after season of intensive use, the Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Lawn & Garden Tractor boasts a cast-iron front-axle; a reinforced steel frame; and a protective front-bumper.It combines a remarkably tight 85cm turning-radius with an infinitely-variable foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic drive, so obstacle negotiation will be a breeze; and it’s supplied with an enormous grass-collector that will hold a huge 360-litres of clippings – emptying-stops will be few and far between (the catcher can be emptied from the driver’s seat).The Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Lawn & Garden Tractor has been designed for time-consuming jobs, so the Italian manufacturers have provided ideally laid-out controls; comfort steering; a luxury seat with lumbar-support; and handbrake-style height-of-cut adjustment.A large rear-ejection chute ensures you’ll be able to work in damp conditions without fear of blockages; while high-performance headlights make it possible to complete a job you began too late in the day.The corrosion-resistant 122cm-wide cutter-deck on the Oleo-Mac 124S/22H is made of heavy-duty alloy fitted with four anti-scalp wheels that prevent gouging when executing turns on undulating ground. Extra-wide-profile tyres with a special tread provide further turf-protection; while a fully-enclosed bonnet dampens engine-noise, in turn making the job more bearable for you and your neighbours.

Mountfield 3000SH Lawn Tractor (Showroom Model)

Mountfield 3000SH Lawn Tractor (Showroom Model) £1899.00
For the first time in the history of garden-tractor manufacture, you can get your hands on an 82cm machine with a twin-blade cutter deck – this allows you to enjoy the manoeuvrability of a compact tractor, while benefiting from the superior cut & collect performance offered by a double-bladed design. The Mountfield 3000SH Lawn Tractor employs a very high-powered 389cc GXV390 engine from the world’s largest manufacturer of small engines; Honda. These single-cylinder air-cooled units benefit from the Japanese producer’s up-to-the-minute overhead-valve technology, which leads to a substantial reduction in exhaust emissions; sound output; vibration; and, arguably most importantly of all at the moment; fuel costs. Quality engine features include an automatic decompression system for practically effortless pull-starts; and a dual-element air-filter for optimum component protection, and therefore a significant lengthening of engine-life. The two blades on the Mountfield 3000SH are non-timed and non-overlapping. This, along with their perfect calibration, ensures an exceptionally smooth, neat finish; and also helps to reduce the potential for damage should they strike an unseen object. The forceful air-stream created by the action of the blades not only ensures no cut-grass will be left behind to spoil your lawn’s aesthetics, but also means that even damp clippings are driven at speed into the collector, with none of the clumping that can lead to the blocking of the discharge chute (the collector has a capacity of 240-litres – very large for a tractor with an 82cm cut). This model has been equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, which provides you with smooth, jerk-free control of your ground-speed, with no time-consuming need to stop to change gear, as with a manual machine. The drive wheels (and the front wheels) are fitted with wide-profile, chunky-tread tyres, which offer the perfect compromise between traction and gentleness on the lawn surface. Mountfield have put user-comfort to the fore in the design of the 3000SH, providing as they have an ergonomically moulded steering wheel; an adjustable seat with sprung suspension; padded foot rests; and electronic deck-engagement. The tractor’s step through design ensures that even the less nimble gardener will have no trouble getting on and off. Giving you the choice of seven heights-of-cut (25 – 80mm), the Mountfield 3000SH can be adapted to suit a range of grass-types, and can be set up so you can achieve different finishes on different sections of your lawn. There’s also a deck-wash facility – simply attach a hosepipe; turn on the water; spin the blades; and the tractor’s undercarriage will be quickly free of any performance-inhibiting and potentially corrosive accumulation. Should you wish to mulch clippings, or drop them directly on the grass, you can purchase the optional mulch-plug or deflector-kit.

Hayter SP36 Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Hayter SP36 Petrol Lawn Scarifier £479.00
Removing dead grass; lateral weed growth; moss; and overgrown grass roots with a machine like the petrol-powered Hayter SP36 brings numerous benefits to any lawn, including encouraging it to thicken up; making it more resistant to disease; and enabling air, water and nutrients to more easily reach the root zone. The Hayter SP36 utilises a high-performance, high-torque power-unit from Briggs & Stratton’s acclaimed 550-Series. These advanced overhead-valve engines have a cylinder displacement of 155cc and are renowned for their fuel-efficiency and quiet, low-vibration operation.A float-feed carburettor works to ensure reliable first-pull ignition; while B & S’s DuraLube™ splash-lubrication system combines with an automotive-style paper air-filter to ensure peak performance is maintained over time.The 15 fixed cutting-blades on the Hayter SP36 Petrol Lawn Scarifier can be raised and lowered through five-stages, depending on how gentle or aggressive the treatment needs to be. A transport position makes it possible to cross paths and other non-grass areas without worrying about damaging the blades.For optimum user-safety, Hayter have equipped this model with an Operator Presence Control, whereby the engine and the blades are stopped when the bail-bar is released.A high-quality steel deck provides a rigid cutting-platform and will easily withstand any accidental impact; while a foldable handlebar, which conveniently incorporates all the main controls, ensures the already compact unit will take up minimal space in the shed.

STIHL FS55 Light 0.75KW Brushcutter (Showroom Model)

STIHL FS55 Light 0.75KW Brushcutter (Showroom Model) £229.00
Suitable for tougher clearing applications over larger areas, this lightweight new-generation brushcutter from Stihl offers high-end German engineering at a price affordable for the keen home gardener. Key to its superior cutting ability is its combination of a solid drive-shaft with a high-powered 1.0hp (27.2cc) engine, which ensures ample torque is delivered to the cutter-head. So as to ensure fuel-consumption and exhaust-emissions are kept at the lowest possible levels, Stihl have equipped the engine with their stratified-charge technology, whereby fuel-loss during the charge-cycle is minimised. The starting-system is far simpler than most comparable brushcutters – all you need to do is set the requisite amount of choke; press the primer-bulb; tug the starter-cord, and the engine will fire-up. The Stihl FS55 is fitted with a ‘bike’ handle that enables a smooth, side-to-side sweeping action with greatly reduced operator fatigue. Its impressively lightweight build (5.1kg) and ergonomic multi-function grip contribute further to ease-of-use. An AutoCut mowing-head is included.

Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter

Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter £199.00
Gardeners needing to regularly tackle challenging grass-trimming and vegetation clearance jobs in the domestic arena should take a good look at this super lightweight petrol brushcutter from Tanaka.Powering it is an advanced 22cc (0.9hp) Tanaka Pure Fire engine; a high-specification two-stroke power-pack that offers the sort of fuel-economy and emission-output you’d expect from a mini four-stroke unit, but with far less weight. Tanaka’s S-Start ignition system makes starting practically effort-free.The Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter is ideally balanced; weighs a mere 4.4kg; and comes with a shoulder strap – a combination that makes it perfect for those more time-consuming jobs.An ergonomic ‘loop-and-bar’ handle delivers superior control and manoeuvrability; while a heavy-duty 24mm-diameter shaft confers exceptional durability (this model has a five-year home-use warranty).Also featured is a nylon-line cutter-head with a Tap ‘n’ Go mechanism that will see fresh cord fed-out with a simple tap of the head on ground.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader - 85LB Push (45-0388) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader – 85LB Push (45-0388) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) £65.00
Apply your chosen spread-medium over a larger lawn in quick-time with this push-type broadcast-spreader from long-established garden-maintenance specialists Agri-Fab (it’s suitable for areas up to 4300m2). The Agri-Fab 45-0388 has an expansive maximum spread-width of 3m, so you can be confident of a seriously fast work-rate. It’s fitted with a rugged 38.5kg-capacity poly hopper that’s resistant to even the most corrosive spread-media, and which will easily withstand any accidental impact; and it combines a heavy-gauge steel axle with a tubular-steel frame so as to ensure a very lengthy service-life. Large-diameter pneumatic tyres with a wide profile provide the stability you’ll need to operate safely on rough ground and inclines. This model is suitable for the application of a wide-variety of materials, from weed-killer and lawn-feed, through to ice-melt and rock salt.