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New products at PondKeeper

by John - April 3rd, 2014.
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PondKeeper just added these new items

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Pump 20000 - Free hose & Clips

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Pump 20000 – Free hose & Clips £549.99
Since its inception the Oase Aquamax has always been held up as the pump to beat. It’s superior build quality, low running costs and durability have always been the envy of the competition.
New to the range is the Aquamax 20000 a beast of a pump that can push out 19500 litres of water per hour BUT still have a very economic motor (only 180 watts).

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Pump 20000 - Free Skimmer

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium Pond Pump 20000 – Free Skimmer £549.99
Premium Pond Pump – has a flow rate of 19,500lph yet only takes 180 watts to run.
This year Oase have Introduced a new model in the standard Aquamax Eco Premium range – a beast of a pump that is a perfect large pond solution.
This pump will run 24/7 for as long as is required – it can devour solid particles up to 11mm in size and can endure temperatures as low as minus 20 deg C.
Your Free Gift
The PondXpert Skimmster is a stand-alone floating skimmer with integral 2500lph pump. It adds a finishing touch to your pond by skimming the surface of any leaves, debris or pollen particles.

Oase Aquamax Classic 17500 Pond Pump

Oase Aquamax Classic 17500 Pond Pump £299.99
The Oase Aquamax is a well known pump name to those who take their pondkeeping seriously. The Aquamax Classic is a re-model of previous incarnations of the Aquamax but at a much more competitive price.
New for 2014 the Aquamax Classic 17500 brings you renowned Oase durability and power but at a budget price.

Pontec Pondomax 17000 Pond Pump

Pontec Pondomax 17000 Pond Pump £139.99
The Pontec Pondomax 17000 is a seriously powerful pond pump. It is designed to handle dirty water for large ponds and waterfalls.
The pump is capable of producing a flow rate of 17000 litres per hour and is designed to work 24/7 in all conditions.
Despite its budget price tag this pond pump has its roots in the premium aquatics company Oase. You get to tap in to the quality and German engineering reserved for higher priced pond equipment but don’t have to pay the same prices!
Evidence of this quality and durability can be seen by the inclusion of a three year guarantee you will receive with this pump.

Pontec Pondomax 14000 Pond Pump

Pontec Pondomax 14000 Pond Pump £129.99
The Pondomax 14000 is offered at an extremely competitive price but it is brought to you by Oase – a top German aquatic brand. oase are the company behind the famous Aquamax pond pump brand which has always enjoyed a premium position in the market.
Pontec is the budget arm of Oase but you still get the same quality standards. This Pondomax pump comes complete with a three year warranty, it can handle large solids yet has a really economical motor.

Hozelock Aquaforce 4000 Pond Pump - FREE Hose & Clips

Hozelock Aquaforce 4000 Pond Pump – FREE Hose & Clips £124.99
Hozelock pond pumps are the most reliable pond pumps in our large range. The pump is designed to run 24/7 with little or no maintenance and it manages to accomplish its mission with ease. proof of its durable performance can be seen by the inclusion of a three year warranty on every pump sold. The Aquaforce 4000 is perfect for a typical family-sized garden pond (8000 litres, 2000 gallons).
The pump has the unique benefit of a Wildlife Protection System – this reduces the slots in the strainer cage to 2mm and can be employed when you have tadpoles in the pond or fish are spawning.

Pontec Pondomax 11000 Pond Pump

Pontec Pondomax 11000 Pond Pump £119.99
If you are looking for a powerful garden pond pump that won’t break the bank then this might be the one for you!
The Pondomax 11000 has enough power to handle most jobs – including running to a filter for a large pond (22000 litres) or powering a large waterfall.
This sturdy pump comes with a 3 year guarantee and is designed to run 24/7 with litlle maintenance being necessary.
pontec is the budget brand of Oase – a leading continental aquatic supplier.

Hozelock Aquaforce 2500 - Free Hose & Clips

Hozelock Aquaforce 2500 – Free Hose & Clips £99.99
Hozelock Aquaforce 2500 is a popular pond pump made by the biggest name in UK aquatics. It is perfect for servicing a small pond up to 5000 litres (just over 1000 gallons).
Designed as a pond workhorse this pump will work 24/7 with little maintenance. proof of this pumps durability and reliability can be seen by the three year guarantee supplied with the pump.
Special Offer – free 5m length of 40mm hose and a pair of pond clips

Pontec Pondomax 8000 Pond Pump

Pontec Pondomax 8000 Pond Pump £99.99
This pond pump has a strong flow of 8000lph making it suitable for ponds up to 16000 litres in volume. The Pontec Pondomax range is brought to you by Oase of Germany – despite the budget price you get a three year guarantee and the backing of one of the biggest aquatic brands in the world.
This pump is highly durable and designed to run 24/7.
It can handle solid particles up to 8mm without clogging the impellor and has low running costs of just 70 wtts.