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Simple raised beds

by Diane - April 4th, 2014.
Filed under: General Gardening.

Simple but not really cheap

Use 4 inch breeze blocks.

You can lay them flat on the ground (Level it first) and then pile them three high. You can have them overlapping like a course of bricks would.
They should last a long time and will stay in place at this height without being cemented together. If you want to alter the bed you can, but if you decide it’s the right shape and size you could cement them together and make it permanent.

The top one will be nice for sitting on too.

As you get older you could build them higher and raise the level inside.

They’re about £1.60 each – cheaper if you buy 100!

7N Solid Dense Block Grey has a Weight (kg) of 13.7 so it won’t go anywhere! 7N Solid Dense Block Grey
They also sell Celcon Standard Aerated Block 3.6N Grey 7.3kg which are lighter.

Breeze blocks at B&Q