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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 6th, 2014.
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New lines added today at GreenFingers

Quarter Round Etagere

Quarter Round Etagere £89.99
Showcase all of your favourite plants ornaments or other pieces of decor with this beautiful etagere.Made from quality cast iron this item will make a great focal point in a corner of your garden or conservatory. Easy to clean this product will retain its good looks for years to come. 50x50x66cm High. 15.5kg.Please note that this product is not suitable for use outside unless it is treated with a metal paint such as Hammerite.

Garden Ornament - King Toad

Garden Ornament – King Toad £19.99
This large decorative King Toad complete with resplendent crown will make a lovely focal point in any garden or pond area. Its large size makes it a prominent feature without overwhelming. It will look really wonderful wherever you place it

Rain Chain

Rain Chain £21.99
Rain Chains are a beautiful alternative to traditional closed metal or plastic downpipes. They break the fall of the water guiding it downward onto pebbles a pot or stone basin and they sound great!Comes flat packed with some fiddly assembly required. Well worth the effort though as the effect of the rainwater cascading down the chain is beautiful. Comes complete with a cross-piece which sits into the guttering with a hook underneath to hang the chain from. Made from cast iron the buckets are 5.5cm in diameter at the top and the chain is 106cm long. Bear in mind that most drain pipes are over 2m long so you may want to order 2 if you want the feature to extend close to the ground.

Classic Plant Pot Mover - Round

Classic Plant Pot Mover – Round £9.99
This Classic Plant Pot Mover allows you to move heavy planters around your garden with ease. Made with durable cast iron and fitted with three strong wheels the Pot Mover is traditional in design and not only makes transportation easy but also allows you to redecorate your outdoor area without the need for heavy lifting. Circle so perfect for circle planters. Also keeping plant pots off the ground can help protect them from frost. Designed to hold plants with a weight up to 50kg. Measures approximately 29cm Diameter

Greenfingers Cheria 8 Seater Extending Set - 240cm

Greenfingers Cheria 8 Seater Extending Set – 240cm £879.97
This Greenfingers Cheria Teak 8 Person 240cm Extending Set comprises an oval table and 6 chairs.

Bamboo Bee House

Bamboo Bee House £9.99
Bees are gentle creatures that pollinate flowers and should be every gardener’s friend. Now you can return the favour and encourage our little friends to your garden with this bee house designed with natural bamboo ‘rooms’ framed in wood with a metal roof. 12x15x21cm high.

Mirrored Window with Shutters

Mirrored Window with Shutters £42.99
Add rustic detail to a bare wall enhance another feature in your garden by reflecting it back through the mirror or reflect light into a dark corner with this mirrored window with shutters. 38x4x58cm high

Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush

Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush £16.99
Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush makes an unusual but cute addition to your household! Manufactured from cast ironmaking it strong sturdy and durable it features really tough bristles to clean dirty boots and shoes and help keep any muck from being brought into the house. It makes a great housewarming gift too! Dimensions: W26 x D17 x H17cm

Cast Iron Door Mat (l)

Cast Iron Door Mat (l) £46.99
This traditionally styled heavy cast iron doormat is one of our favourites. It has rubber pads to ensure it rests snuggly even if the doorstep isn’t level. Measures approx 72 x 46cm. Colour: matt rust.Additional info: Depth of mat including feet at corners is 2cm excluding feet 1cm

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