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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - April 6th, 2014.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these items

Hayter Motif 48 Push 4-Wheel Lawnmower (Code: 433)

Hayter Motif 48 Push 4-Wheel Lawnmower (Code: 433) was £379.00 now £369.00
With its wider 48cm cut and very high-powered 190cc Briggs & Stratton 650-Series engine, this simple but effective push-type machine is a fast and efficient performer over larger areas. The 650-Series engine is an overhead-cam type unit that develops impressive amounts of torque, and which delivers its power quietly, smoothly and fuel-efficiently. Briggs & Stratton’s ReadyStart system eliminates the need for priming or choke application. Built to last, the Hayter Motif 48 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower features a strong and durable steel cutter-deck; ball-bearing mounted wheels that will continue to roll smoothly with age; and a cutter-bar friction-disc, which ensures the crankshaft (and therefore the engine) won’t be damaged if you accidentally hit a solid object. Thanks to its hand-push design, the Motif 48 can be guided safely and accurately around obstacles that might be tricky to negotiate with a power-driven model. It offers eight preset heights-of-cut (22 – 55mm), so you can choose the one that best suits the conditions; and there’s a high-capacity 59-litre grassbag, which is made from fabric for more compact storage (folding handlebars also help to save space in the shed).

Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder (2nd Hand - 4 hours use)

Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder (2nd Hand – 4 hours use) was £625.00 now £599.00
This high-end domestic-use chipper/shredder, from American brand Earthquake, has been equipped with numerous premium-grade features and will make short work of turning both green and woody waste into a mulch that will prove highly useful around the garden (the reduction-ratio is 20:1). When chipping branches (up to 5cm in diameter), it employs a unique design, which comprises optimised knife-angles and a heavy-duty flywheel that combine to ensure material is automatically pulled through. This means you can be ready with another branch the minute the previous one has been processed. When shredding softer debris, like hedge-clippings, leaves and wind-fallen fruit, material is subjected to the action of a series of free-swinging hammers, which thoroughly pulverise it, leaving you with a very finely chopped mulch that will rot-down in quick-time. All processed material is delivered to a large-capacity collection-bag (70-litre). Power from the beefy 6hp Briggs & Stratton engine on the Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder is delivered to the mechanism through Ardisam’s unique direct-drive motor, which works to minimise vibration, in turn reducing wear and extending the life of crucial components. Thanks to its low stance and large-diameter wheels, this model is stable during operation, and can be towed safely across undulating terrain. Should you wish to further enhance the versatility of your purchase, you might want to take a look at the optional vacuum-kit.

Earthquake 6015B Compact Rear-Tine Cultivator (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Earthquake 6015B Compact Rear-Tine Cultivator (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) was £679.00 now £649.00
This innovative machine from Earthquake offers the sort of power, performance and heavy-duty build-quality you’d expect from a rear-tine tiller, but is far more compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable than other similarly-rated cultivators (it’s actually the first compact rear-tine tiller to come to market). It’s driven by a very high-performance 205cc Briggs & Stratton 800-Series engine, which is the leading American brand’s most powerful engine for walk-behind garden machinery. The engine’s overhead-valve design confers both superior reliability and improved fuel-economy. The Earthquake 6015B Compact Rear-Tine Cultivator employs a set of contra-rotating tines, which help the machine to dig deeper and will cut with ease through virgin ground. Power is sent to the tines via a heavy-duty gear-drive that’s encased in a highly robust cast-iron housing. Tapered roller-bearings and top-quality steel bushings contribute further to longevity. The compact design of the Earthquake 6015B makes it ideally suited to plots with confined areas and narrow gateways to negotiate (and it won’t take-up too much space in the shed). It runs on a pair of large-diameter, deep-tread tyres, which aid traction and manoeuvrability; and benefits from Earthquake’s exclusive ‘Isovibe’ pivoting drag-stake system that soaks-up machine vibration, while helping to maintain your desired digging-depth.