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New products at PondKeeper

by John - April 9th, 2014.
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New items added today at PondKeeper

Oase Biotec 36 Value Set with UVC and Pump

Oase Biotec 36 Value Set with UVC and Pump £1499.99
This set includes the professional Biotec 36 pond filter with SCREENMATIC easy-clean system.
Set also inc ludes a 36 watt UV unit which connects to the back of the filter box and a powerful 19000lph pond pump.

Oase Biotec 30, Greenstop Pro 36w UVC And Freeflow 20000 Pump

Oase Biotec 30, Greenstop Pro 36w UVC And Freeflow 20000 Pump £1399.99
This really is a fantastic deal. If you are looking to filter a large volume of water then the Oase Biotec has always been a top choice of ours. This set will handle a fish pond up to 32,000 litres (7000 gallons).
This set includes the Biotec 30 pond filter, the PondXpert Greenstop 36w UVC and the PondXpert FreeFlow 20000 pond pump.

Oase Biotec 18 Pond Filter Value Set

Oase Biotec 18 Pond Filter Value Set £799.99
Top Quality Filtration System for ponds up to 27000 litres (6000 gallons).
The Oase Biotec is a professional pond filter with some truly unique features. It includes the SCREENMATIC cleaning system – a moving bed which automatically removes larger solids before they enter the main body of the pond filter.
In this set the PondXpert Greenstop UVC unit is also included – this simply scres into the inlets of the filter for convenient positioning.
Flow of water for the UV filter is provided by the reliable PondXpert FreeFlow Pond Pump.

Oase Biotec 12 Filter Value Set

Oase Biotec 12 Filter Value Set £649.99
New for 2014 we present this very special pump, filter and UVC combination set.
This set includes the Oase Biotec 12 pond filter, PondXpert Greenstop Pro 36w UVC and PondXpert FreeFlow 13000 pond pump.
This set will provide a high quality filration system for fish ponds up to 20,000 litres (4400 gallons).
Oase Biotec Filters are professional quality pond filters used by garden landscapers and consumers alike. This filter boasts the ‘Screenmatic’ cleaning system – an automated grid that removes heavy solids before they reach the main pond filter media. This reduces maintenance significantly.
The Greenstop Pro UVC fits snugly onto the back of the filter box and boast a powerful 36 watt UV level to prevent green water.
The PondXpert FreeFlow pond pump has a large flow rate of 13,000 litres per hour and can handle solid particles up to 8mm in size.

Blagdon Pond Balance Large (9.34kg) Bucket

Blagdon Pond Balance Large (9.34kg) Bucket £169.49
Interpet Pond balance blanketweed treatment is an award winning non-algicide treatment.
This Pond balance is a plant friendly formula ensures that no harm comes to any other pond plants, fish, filtration bacteria or water using wildlife.
This treatment does not effect plants because it works by making unavailable a nutrient that is only required by filamentous algae and thus literally starves it out of existence.
Treatment contains plant stimulants and so helps establish a naturally balanced pond.
Pond Balance reduces blanket weed using a microbiological formulation, safely and gradually it adjusts the water chemistry of your pond, achieving a balance that effectively clears blanket weed whilst encouraging plant growth.

Nishikoi  Goodbye Blanketweed Bulk Size

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanketweed Bulk Size £49.99
Goodbye Blanketweed is a unique patented bio-product with friendly, harmless bacteria and enzymes which eat the food that blanketweed lives on.The treatment also contains Activated Barley Straw which works in conjunction with the bacteria, accelerating the blanket weed clearing process.Product supplied as a tub of 32 water soluble sachets. Each sachet is enough for a pond up to 4500 litres/1000 gallons.
Simply drop one sachet into your pond each week.
One bulk tub is an 32 week treatment (just add extra packs for larger ponds – ie, a 16 week treatment course for a 9000 litre pond)

Bermuda Pond Waders MED- shoe size 7 to 8

Bermuda Pond Waders MED- shoe size 7 to 8 £39.99
High quality waterproof waders to keep you clean when you need to clean and maintain your pond.Suitable for UK sized shoes 7 to 8.

Blagdon Pond Salt 9.08kg

Blagdon Pond Salt 9.08kg £26.99
Many pondkeepers are convinced of the healing powers that salt can add to a pond. Blagdon Guardian Tonic is a unique balanced formulation of essential physiological salts promotes fish health, all year round

UVC Bulb 11w - Laguna Style - BOGOF

UVC Bulb 11w – Laguna Style – BOGOF £14.99
Special Offer – Buy One Get One FREE!