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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - April 10th, 2014.
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Loads of new products today at Blooming Direct

Pair of Large Citrus Trees in 6.5L pots with FREE Citrus Fee

Pair of Large Citrus Trees in 6.5L pots with FREE Citrus Fee £39.98
Grow your own delicious citrus fruit right here in the UK with this easy-grow Orange & Lemon Tree Collection. Deliciously juicy full-size fruits in the first season, and winter hardy to -5C. Thats right! This pair of Orange and Lemon trees will grow and fruit perfectly in the UK. Packed full of vitamin C, theyre deliciously juicy and good for you too! And they smell simply divine the sweetly perfumed white flowers contrast beautifully against the deep green citrus-fragranced foliage. Both of your trees arrive as well-established 4ft. tall mature specimens in 6.5 litre pots. And, at just 39.98 for the pair, they represent superb value for money much cheaper than most garden centre varieties AND you get a FREE 250ml bottle of premium citrus feed to ensure your trees grow into big, healthy specimens and, most importantly, bear lots of juicy fruit! Lemon – – Hardy down to -5C! – Sweetly scented blossom in late Spring. – Full-size fruit from August onwards. – Perfect for drinks and cooking. Orange – – Hardy down to -5C! – Seedless and very juicy. – Enjoy your own freshly squeezed orange juice. – Packed full of Vitamin C.

Pair of 1.2M tall Standard Bay Trees

Pair of 1.2M tall Standard Bay Trees £39.98
Add a stately look to your home with these beautiful Bay Trees. These 4 year old plants have been professionally grown and have a ball of fragrant evergreen foliage aloft an elegant ruler-straight stem. They are easy to care for and look simply stunning in big pots. The lush foliage has a mouth-watering flavour and rich aroma and can be added to stews or marinades or used to add depth to cooking all year long. Bays can be very expensive in garden centres, with similar products selling for over £50 each, so this fantastic offer is unbelievable value! They look fabulous in pairs either side of doorways, gates, or paths, and add a sense of classic style and structure in gardens of every size. Easy to maintain, these bay trees enjoy moist, but well-drained soil, positioned in full sun or partial shade.

Large Lime tree in 6.5L pot

Large Lime tree in 6.5L pot £29.99
Pick your very own delicious fresh oranges and add a Mediterranean feel to your home or garden! Packed full of vitamin C, these fruits are not only delicious, but good for you as well! Use your fruits in everything from freshly squeezed juices, to yummy desserts, and save tons of money on supermarket prices! Not only that, this superb tree will produce highly fragrant, white blossom during late spring and early summer. Wonderfully sweet, seedless oranges will be ready for you to pick from October each year. To ensure youll be picking delicious fruit year after year, we advise you keep your trees in their pots, and place in a sunny, sheltered position. Protect from frost during the winter time either by bringing indoors into a conservatory, or by covering with a plant cosy.

Ultimate Summer Patio Garden - 198 plants

Ultimate Summer Patio Garden – 198 plants £29.96
These super value bedding Maxiplugs are grown from seed on our Jersey nursery to provide you with perfect quality, healthy plants at a fraction of garden centre prices. They are all perfect for patio displays in any container as well as for beds and borders around your garden. Delivered nursery fresh to your door at exactly the right time! This fantastic collection contains 40 Maxiplugs each of the following varieties: 66x Busy Lizzie ‘DeZire’A summer long show of vibrant pinks, reds, scarlets and whites, on a compact, uniform habit. 66x Begonia semp. Challenger MixThese begonias will explode with a mass of pink, white and red blooms all summer long! 66x Geranium Blooming MixIncredible flower-power and garden performance, in a stunning mix of colours.

Patio Peach tree 'Crimson' (R)

Patio Peach tree ‘Crimson’ (R) £19.99
A simply stunning Patio Peach tree, ‘Crimson (R) Bonfire’ has been selected for it’s unique and delightful burgundy purple foliage and red coloured peach fruits, all on a genetically dwarf tree too.. Imagine relaxing on your patio in early Summer – the last of the heavenly sweet scent of Mediterranean peach blossom filling the air. Then in late August, reaching out and plucking one of your very own delicious, juicy ripe peaches! This stunning compact peach tree is so easy to grow, perfect in a pot and because it flowers later than many varieties it fruits much more successfully too. A beautifully symmetrical shaped tree its foliage has a delightfully rich burgundy colouration. Combined with the golden orange and crimson peaches it makes a particularly exotic and decorative addition to any patio. Completely winter hardy no matter how cold it gets, you can look forward to your very own harvest of home-grown peaches for years to come. TOP TIP: Peach fruit yield will be increased by keeping the fruit tree canopy dry in blossom and pollination time, such as in a greenhouse, conservatory or lean-to. Although self-fertile, using a dry small artists paintbrush to brush pollen from flower to flower will hugely increase fruit set too! This will massively reduce the curse of Peach Leaf Curl too. Patio Peach ‘Crimson (R) Bonfire’ really is a delightful little tree, for years and years of enjoyment.

Apricot FlavourCot 1M tall

Apricot FlavourCot 1M tall £19.99
The Cot series of Apricot trees have taken the commercial fruit and gardening World by storm in the last 5 or so years, bringing exceptional crop yields and fruit quality. ‘Flavourcot’ is one of the best for the UK climate, suited to our colder climates, where we get less accumulated sunshine, yet we get plenty of Winter chill to set buds.One of the key reasons it works well over here is it is late flowering, so avoids the late frosts that can afflict other Apricots. Yet, it catches up and still yields heavy crops of juicy, deepest orange fruits in the UK – perfect eaten when warmed by the sun straight off the tree, or for cooking and jam making. The tree is grafted onto Montclair rootstock, a new dwarfing type keeping it short and manageable. To cap it all, ‘FlavourCot; is even self-fertile, so does not ened a partner to produce heavy crops. You will get crops in 2 years of planting, this is a great opportunity to buy a tree of the size normally available only to commercial plantations. ‘FlavourCot’ really will deliver big crops of fresh Apricots here in the UK.

Premium Apple Tree 'Rosette' on MM106

Premium Apple Tree ‘Rosette’ on MM106 £19.99
Imagine cutting your fresh home grown apples in half, revealing amazing pink marbled flesh inside! Now you can with new early garden variety Apple ‘Rosette’! It’s true, the lovely pinkish red marbling of the flesh runs right to the middle. It tastes juicy sweet from the tree, but because of it’s colour, show it off sliced in fruit salads, or make an amazing pink apple juice from it. It does not turn brown once sliced like other apples do, so be creative when using it. Pink apple sauce maybe or lovely with creamy cheeses?! It is an easy to grow tree, with good disease resistance, and early fruiting in October. On MM106 root-stock it will reach 10-12ft in 10 years, as it is quite a slow grower. It is not self-fertile, but if there are apple trees nearby it is likely you will get some fruit as it can be pollinated by a wide range of commonly grown trees. Produces heavy crops from a young age.

Patio Nectarine Rubis tree

Patio Nectarine Rubis tree £19.99
Fresh juciy Nectarine fruits from the supermarket are an ever more common treat nowadays, but imagine growing your own in your garden – or even patio or balcony if you have limited space. The clever plant breeders at Zaiger, the world-leading fruit tree breeder in the USA, have worked their magic and created Nectarine ‘Rubis’, and teamed it up with a commercial ultra-dwarf rootstock. The result is you can grow fresh juicy Nectarines in pots right here, and it will not get to more than 1M in 5 years or so – very easy and manageable. Nectarines are renowned for amazing Spring blossom displays too. ‘Rubis’ produces a cloud of fragrant deep-pink flowers, tightly wrapping the branches each Spring. Necatrines do blossom earlier than some friuits, so you may need to protect from late frosts. The flowers, with the assitance of bees and insects, are self-fertile. But a simple tip to massively increase crops is when in full flower, use a simple artists soft paintbrush, and move from flower to flower, dragging pollen with it. The fruitlets will set and appear quite quickly, and swell over Spring and Summer. Do not worry if a few fall off – it’s the trees way of telling you irt is supporting enough fruit already. In August, you will get lovely red-skinned, yellow-fleshed juicy fresh Nectarines to pick and eat yourself – delicious fresh and still warm from the suns rays. Grow you own Nectarines right here in the UK – easy to grow in pots.

Patio Cherry 'Garden Bing' tree

Patio Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ tree £19.99
Have you ever wanted to grow juicy cherries in your garden, but just don’t have the space? Well now you can – with our perfect for patios Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ tree. Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ was specially bred by Zaiger family in America – probably the World’s largest fruit tree breeders. The commercial variety ‘Bing’ Is one of the staples of the fresh cherry industry, and through breeding work they have created a very dwarf variety, still with the taste and yield of it’s parents. The beauty of ‘Garden Bing’ is it’s petite size – after 5 years or so it will still be about 1M tall.. They produce a very well-branched tree structure, so bear a lot of sweet cherries that are easy to pick and enjoy. And on top of this, you get an absolutely amazing Spring Blossom display too – a cloud of pure white flowers in April. These are self-fertile, so will pollnate each other, and produce deep red fruit to pick in August. The perfect Fresh Cherries fresh in your garden – much easier than you think.


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