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New products at PondKeeper

by John - April 10th, 2014.
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PondKeeper just added these new items

Tetra Pond Sticks 4.2kg (40 litres)

Tetra Pond Sticks 4.2kg (40 litres) £44.99
Tetra pond food has always proved very popular with our customers – and their fish!
NEW is this large bulk bag of Tetra floating sticks which will last a small pond all season.

Hozelock Universal Flow Regulator

Hozelock Universal Flow Regulator £17.99
This sturdy piece of pond equipment can be used to regulate the flow of water from your pond pump. Simply turn the tap to lower the maximum flow.

Velda Fish Food Feeding Bottle

Velda Fish Food Feeding Bottle £8.99
This fish feeding bottle provides greater control over distribution when feeding your fish. Don’t let the greediest fish get all of the grub!