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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - April 11th, 2014.
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Plant Me Now has these new products today

Lets Grow...  Raised Wooden Bed

Lets Grow… Raised Wooden Bed £19.95
The most effective way to produce home grown fruit and vegetables, these ‘Let’s Grow… Raised Wooden Beds’ by Botanico are an attractive yet practical growing solution. 1m square by 15cm deep Pressure treated wood guaranteed for 10 years against rot. Easy to locate on hard surface or open ground. Can be stacked for extra depth.

Yeominis Children's Broom

Yeominis Children’s Broom £7.95
Lightweight yet strong aluminium shaft Telescopic handle can be adjusted to suit height of mini gardener Comfortable soft foam grip We all know how fast children grow and with this in mind the Yeominis long handle tools have a unique lightweight aluminium telescopic handle with comfortable foam grip – that can be adjusted to suit the height of each mini gardener. Extends from 78cm – 94cm. Yeominis offers all the tools and accessories mini gardeners need to get outdoors and discover the wonders of nature for themselves. It will encourage them to interact with and care for their environment and get their RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of fresh air and exercise. The comprehensive Yeominis range includes all the tools and accessories mini gardeners between pre-school and primary school age ned to get outdoors and discover the wonders of nature. These tools are designed for practical garden use and supplied with EN71 approved child friendly finishes.

Lysimachia nummularis Aurea (5 ready plants)

Lysimachia nummularis Aurea (5 ready plants) £7.95
Lysimachia nummularis Aurea – also known as Creeping Jenny is a brilliant spreading plant often used to bring life to mixed baskets and containers with it’s bright golden foliage in the autumn / winter time. Produces beautiful golden yellow flowers in the summer.

Runner Bean Polestar Seeds

Runner Bean Polestar Seeds £3.15
Flowers set well for heavy crops of long fleshy pods. Dependable, popular stringless variety. Excellent source of vitamin C, folate and fibre.

Screw In Vine Eyes (4 pack)

Screw In Vine Eyes (4 pack) £2.95
Screw in vine eyes secure wire support lines to wooden fences, stakes and posts. Easy screw in design Multi use

Rudbeckia Aries Sarah Raven Seeds

Rudbeckia Aries Sarah Raven Seeds £2.60
We’ve grown Rudbeckias for years – they flower longer and harder than almost any annual and can be still picked late into the autumn most years. We love this one, gold with crimson-brown splotches at its centre. The bees and butterflies also love it.

Cosmos Purity Sarah Raven Seeds

Cosmos Purity Sarah Raven Seeds £2.30
Cosmos Purity is a classic cut flower and supremely lovely garden plant, which no one should be without. If you’re only going for the half-hardy annual, it has to be this marvellous plant. One square metre gives you fifty buckets of cut flowers over several months. The bees and butterflies also love it.

Sunflower Sunburst Mixed Seeds

Sunflower Sunburst Mixed Seeds £2.05
A hardy annual, flowers the same year as sown. Easy and quick to grow coloured sunflowers, perfect as a screen or backdrop to a summer border.

Foxglove Alba Sarah Raven Seeds

Foxglove Alba Sarah Raven Seeds £2.00
A lovely cream foxglove, which makes a beautiful cut flower and garden plant and with plenty of flowers stacked one on top of another, the pollinators hardly need to travel for a fantastic feast.