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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - April 16th, 2014.
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Plant Me Now has this new product today

Canna Tropicanna Tubers (1 root)

Canna Tropicanna Tubers (1 root) £3.95
If you’re looking for a plant that looks a little exotic, try these Canna Tropicanna tubers. Included in our ‘Select Range’ these dark orange flowered canna will bloom all summer long. Canna rhizomes like a moist, humus rich soil and to be in full sun. Dig-over the ground and add well-rotted manure if possible. Ideal for flower beds, outdoor containers and as focal points. Cannas are best started indoors in containers of moist compost at a temperature of 20C. Water sparingly until foliage develops and once well grown and rooted, plant out into containers or flower beds. Water regularly. Cannas aren’t frost hardy, so lift, clean and divide before the first frosts. Store in a frost free area until planting time again.