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Replacing greenhouse glass

by Diane - April 16th, 2014.
Filed under: allotment.

A greenhouse and a huge pile of glass was dumped on our site. It was the remains of a previously donated one. After someone kindly went through the glass and threw all the broken stuff away, there were just four intact sheets left.
So basically I’ve acquired half a wheely bin of broken glass (Normal waste, not recycling round here!) and an aluminium frame. There are no wheels with it even though the plotholder who had it previously had been made some. My husband is a clever bod though so will make some!

So how do you go about replacing greenhouse glass? Ideally you’ll know what sort of greenhosue it is and find instructions online which will give you an idea of what the finished item is supposed to look like. If they’re all 2×2 pieces then it’s as simple as buying some new bits and fitting them. When you’re faced with replacing all the glass in a greenhouse it’s a bit more interesting. Especially if you get the frame dismantled. Replacing greenhouse glass should involve gloves, good boots that are tough and will protect your toes. Plus goggles and a good glass cutter.

We’re looking on freecycle for a free greenhouse full of glass but haven’t got any yet.
In the mean time I am looking at polycarbonate. It’s dear but a full kit can be bought for about £150 or you can buy sheets to cut yourself which will I think work out a bit cheaper. However it’s all a bit pricey still so as there’s no rush to get it up as I have a greenhouse at home, then we will perhaps hold on a bit longer for glass off freecycle.
If it’s not appeared by my birthday then I will put some birthday money towards the polycarbonate. I’ve read it should have a good ten years life in it. Which isn’t as long as glass – which will in theory last much longer although risks getting broken.
It will be nice having a second greenhouse on the allotment. I always crowd the one in the garden because I want so many different types of tomato growing but with a second one I will be able to spread them out better! Or maybe just have two overcrowded greenhouses!

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