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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - April 17th, 2014.
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New item today at Harrod Horticultural

Slug And Snail Shocka Roll (5m)

Slug And Snail Shocka Roll (5m) £44.95
If Youve Been Frustrated By Constant Slug And Snail Raids Or Your Home Grown Vegetables Or Treasured Ornamental Plants, You May Have Gone As Far To Consider An Electric Fence To Keep Out These Plant-devouring Molluscs; And In Truth, The Slug And Snail Shocka Rolls Arent Far Off That Idea! Although Slug Rings, Traps And Copper Tape Are Perfectly Adept At Keeping Slugs Out Of Beds, Pots And Away From Individual Plants, Gardeners Have Always Found It Difficult To Keep Larger Areas Slug And Snail Free But The 0.9m X 5m Shocka Rolls Do Just That. the Upper Surface Of The Fabric Is Coated In A Resin Containing Copper Hydroxide, Which Gives Any Mucus-based Mollusc Attempting To Cross An Unpleasant Tingling Sensation – And Not Only Do The Slug And Snail Shocka Rolls Keep Your Plants Safe, But They Act As A Well Insulated, Weed Resisting, Water Permeable Mulch Which Can Be Easily Trimmed To Size And Cut To Plant Through. Slug And Snail Shocka Rolls Are Used Commercially So Take A Leaf Out Of The Big Boys Book And Invest In Some Heavy-duty Slug Prevention Today!slug And Snail Shocka Rolls Available In Two Generous Sizes0.9m Wide X 5m Long Jumbo Sizematerial Similar To Ground Covereasily Cut To Sizeimpregnated With Copper Hydroxidegives Slugs Or Snails An Uncomfortable Tingling Sensation When They Try To Crosseasy To Cut And Plant Throughideal As A Mulchstops Weed Emergencewater Permeablegood Insulating Qualities For Early And Late Season Growingaids Water Retentionprotect Whole Rows Of Plantsperfect For Beds And Large Areas Of Plantinguse Year After Yearpopular With Commercial Growers