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Gardeners Question Time

by Diane - April 21st, 2014.
Filed under: General Gardening.

Listen to Gardeners Question time on the iplayer. – this episode was recorded in Eccles on the 7th April and brodcast on Easter Sunday. I was at the college for the recording. It was great fun!
They ask more questions than make it to the final cut. It was really good fun and I recommend you try and get to one if they come and record near you.

Check the GQT on location page to find out where they’ll be next! There was a small charge made by the college for going but it was only £3.50

When you go in you get given a piece of paper to fill in your question on. You hand this to one of the crew and then they decide which ones to ask. The people asking the questions were asked to go to the front row so the sound man could get to them easily.

The producer comes in first and tells you about the show and then disappears into the radio van outside. A sound engineer sits at his desk in the corner and the presenter has headphones on so he can hear the producer. The garden experts sit at a table and answer the questions. They don’t all answer every question. It was interesting seeing them scribble notes.
Gardeners Question Time is a fantastic institution that’s entertaining and educational as well as really interesting. Local gardeners asking questions about real problems, and there’s always some humour!

I will be going again and next time I might pluck up courage to ask a question!