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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - April 30th, 2014.
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New lines at MowDirect

Bertolini 401 Two Wheel Rotary Cultivator

Bertolini 401 Two Wheel Rotary Cultivator £1399.00
Designed for use on allotments and substantial kitchen gardens, the Italian-engineered Bertolini 401 Rotary Cultivator develops the sort of power and torque that are essential when taking-on more challenging soil-conditions. Powering the large deep-tread tyres and heavy-duty cultivating rotors is a GX160 four-stroke engine form Honda. Rated at a beefy 4.8hp, these advanced overhead-valve power-packs are renowned for their fuel-efficient performance; low maintenance requirements; and smooth, low-vibration operation. Starting is via an easy-pull recoil mechanism. The Bertolini 401 is equipped with forward and reverse gears, so it can be manoeuvred with ease around the plot. The transmission is permanently oil-bathed for superior long-term dependability with reduced wear on crucial parts. Flexible in use, this adaptable machine offers a choice of three preset working-depths; and has an adjustable working-width that can be set to either 50cm or 35cm, depending on the nature of the application. It’s fitted with a height- and width adjustable handlebar, which is isolated from the engine for reduced vibration and improved user-comfort; and it features Bertolini’s QuickFit coupling system which ensures the fitting of attachments is a fast, hassle-free operation.

Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive

Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive £549.00
Whether you’re looking to prepare a large area of ground for seeding or planting, or simply want to carry-out surface weeding between rows of established plants, this high-end domestic-use tiller from Bertolini offers exceptional value for money.Its high-powered but nevertheless quiet and clean-running 183cc Emak 800 overhead-valve engine drives a series of six robust metal blades that will break effortlessly through even the most stubbornly compacted or clay-heavy soil-types. Power is delivered via a heavy-duty chain drive, so durability is assured.The Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller offers a generous 80cm tilling-width that facilitates the fast and efficient coverage of larger allotment plots and kitchen gardens (the working-width can be reduced to 60cm for secondary tillage).It features a reinforced guard that protects the rotors and transmission from flying stones and other hazards; and it’s fitted with a front transport-wheel for hassle-free job-to-job movement.Bertolini have equipped this model with forward and reverse gears, with the reverse gear firstly making it easy to realign; and secondly ensuring you’ll have no trouble freeing it should it become dug-in.An ergonomic double lever mounted on the handlebar provides simple gear-selection; while a height-adjustable handlebar ensures high levels of user-comfort, no matter how tall the operator (laterally adjustable handlebars can be specified).Other features of note include side protection-discs that prevent damage to existing crops during inter-row tilling; and an adjustable control bar that allows you to select the most appropriate working-depth for the application – lower for a thorough turn-over; higher for gentle aeration and weeding.

Bertolini BT190 Front-Tine Cultivator with Reverse Drive (Special Offer)

Bertolini BT190 Front-Tine Cultivator with Reverse Drive (Special Offer) £399.00
The Bertolini BT190 benefits from top-notch Italian engineering solutions, and as such is the obvious choice for the more exacting domestic gardener or allotment enthusiast. Driving this high-performance, high-specification tiller is a powerful 5.4hp (182cc) four-stroke overhead-valve engine from Emak; the K700H. Overhead-valve engines have become hugely popular in recent years, as they run cleaner, cooler and quieter than traditional side-valve units, as well as being significantly cheaper to run. Power from the engine is delivered to the tines through an oil-bathed chain-drive; a premium feature that not only optimises torque-transfer, but also works to greatly extend the machine’s service-life. Bertolini have included a reverse gear, so you’ll have no trouble freeing the tiller in the event it becomes dug-in. Thanks to its heavy-duty riveted-steel rotors and high-torque transmission, the Bertolini BT190 Front-Tine Cultivator will make light work of the most stubborn soil-types. A rotor-guard and a handlebar-mounted rotor-brake lever combine to maximise user-safety. Some petrol cultivators can be awkward to control and tiring to use – not so the Bertolini BT190: it features ergonomic, height-adjustable handlebars and a convenient multi-function lever, both of which combine with its relatively lightweight design (47kg) to ensure you’ll have no handling problems. A front transport-wheel facilitates easier site-to-site movement. Built to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use, the Bertolini BT190 is constructed around a robust all-steel chassis and is fitted with a reinforced transmission guard. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE OVER £300!

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower £299.00
This rugged and ready, two-wheeled petrol trimmer represents extremely good value for money and is possibly the best buy on the market for its class in terms of features, quality build and power. The MD Tondu is push propelled, but the trimming head is driven by a powerful 159cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine. It is extremely reliable, has a dependable, recoil-pull for easy starts and provides plenty of cutting power for thick grass and stubborn vegetation. A truly go-anywhere trimmer, the simple but effective front design with its low flat-nose profile, means it can glide under bushes, hedges, garden seats or low hanging branches, to cut where others can’t. The overall construction is steel and is rugged and durable, with large heavy-duty, 14 inch wheels, sporting thick rubber tyres and spoked for extra strength so you can venture into spinneys and copses with the MD Tondu, and clear up in meadows and pasture, or tackle river banks, grassy slopes, ditches and, in fact, any overgrown patches of rough grass or weeds. Even awkward areas like roadside verges at the front of properties, which are tricky to handle and are frequently angled, uneven and uncared for, can be tackled and tamed with this versatile trimmer. And being a line trimmer, with strong, durable nylon lines that extend beyond the wheels, you can be confident when working in really overgrown or badly neglected areas, as any unseen rocks, tin cans or other hidden obstacles can be encountered without damage, since there is no metal blade to break. In fact, this means you can use the MD Tondu Two-Wheeled Push Petrol Trimmer to actively trim and cut right up to the very perimeter of walls, garden ornaments and fences without worrying, producing the ultimate neat finish to your garden edges. The working width of 56 centimetres means you can tackle large areas, so a paddock or small pasture should be no problem, and of course, trimming around trees and bushes is easy so a smaller sized orchard will cause no problems. Cutting height adjustment between 35 and 70mm further extends the flexibility of this top-quality, two-wheeled trimmer. Engine control is carried out with a bail-arm, or OPC (Operator Presence Control) so the engine safely stops the instant you release it. There is also a throttle lever on the right, a lever to engage the trimming head to the left and a thick, soft-grip sleeve is fitted to the handle for extra comfort. The MD Tondu Two-Wheeled Push Petrol Trimmer has folding handlebars, making it easy to store or to pop in the back of the car to take to the next working area. We have blogged about this product here and here.

Efco DS2600-4S 4-Stroke Low Emission Professional Petrol Brushcutter (Showroom Model)

Efco DS2600-4S 4-Stroke Low Emission Professional Petrol Brushcutter (Showroom Model) £279.00
This professional petrol brushcutter from Efco combines high performance and superior comfort with a safer working environment thanks to its advanced 4-stroke engine technology. It’s ideal for maintaining overgrown grass areas and offers a modern solution to help meet the health and safety needs of commercial operators and local authorities. The engine on the Efco DS2600-4S 4-stroke Brushcutter produces 85% fewer unburned hydrocarbons and 65% less nitrous oxides than a standard 2-stroke machine. It not only provides a safer working environment for the operator but also releases far fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Four-stroke brushcutters also offers greater convenience and superior comfort. There is no 2-stoke fuel mixture to prepare and starting is far easier. In addition, the 4-stroke engine on this unit operates at far lower noise levels, making it much easier on the ear and your work less disruptive to the surrounding environment. A further advantage is that 4-stroke engines produce minimal vibrations compared to 2-stroke machines and so cause less fatigue from their use. Operating costs are also lower. The 25cc engine on the Efco DS2600-4S 4-stroke Brushcutter consumes on average 50% less fuel than a standard 2-stroke machine and oil consumption is ultra low in comparison. Maintenance costs are also lower with fewer replacement parts being needed over the lifetime of the brushcutter. The Efco DS2600-4S Brushcutter delivers high performance levels as well, with high torque even at low crankshaft speeds. The recoil housing is made of aluminium for dependable long-term durability and the 7mm internal drive shaft offers unwavering top-level quality. Also, the engine can be tilted through 360