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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - May 3rd, 2014.
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New items at MowDirect

Stiga Tornado 3098 Multiclip Lawn-Tractor

Stiga Tornado 3098 Multiclip Lawn-Tractor £1699.00
Employing a powerful engine with a multitude of premium features, this high-performance lawn-tractor from venerable Swedish brand Stiga is an efficient and stress-free way to maintain a paddock or larger lawn (up to 8000m2).The Stiga Tornado 3098 Multiclip gives you the choice of two collection-free and therefore time-saving cutting-options – mulching and side-discharge. Mulching is most effective on the sort of close-cut grass found on formal lawns, and will organically fertilise your lawn as the mulch rots down; while side-discharge is best suited to very long grass as it neatly spreads clippings so they can be left to wilt and dry-out naturally without blocking light.Powering the Stiga Tornado 3098 Multiclip Lawn-Tractor is 344cc Briggs & Stratton overhead-valve engine that’s characterised by its unwavering reliability and impressive fuel-efficiency. Low engine noise makes for a more comfortable ride; while an electric key starter ensures achieving ignition is fast and effort-free.Featuring a five-speed manual transmission, the Tornado 3098 can be driven at a speed that will get the best results on any given terrain or grass-type (max. speed 9.7km/h).Its expansive 98cm cutter-deck can be raised and lowered through seven stages (25 – 80mm), so you’ll be able to operate effectively on a variety of grass-lengths; while its large-diameter, wide-profile drive-tyres ensure the power is put down gently with no turf damage on formal lawns.Also worth noting are its twin headlights, which make it possible to keep on mowing or towing when the light’s poor; and an under-seat contact-breaker, which enhances user-safety by stopping the engine as you dismount.

Stiga Tornado 1066 H Ride-On Mower

Stiga Tornado 1066 H Ride-On Mower £1299.00
Enjoy the very best in Scandinavian design with this compact lawn-rider from Swedish manufacturer Stiga.Powering it is a premium-range Briggs & Stratton 950-Series engine; a 4.5hp (223cc) four-stroke unit with a dual-element air-filter for comprehensive component protection; and a cast-iron cylinder-lining for enhanced integrity and durability.An overhead-valve configuration delivers a marked cut in noise, vibration and fuel costs; while an electric-key starter makes the ignition process fast and effort-free.The Stiga Tornado 1066 H Ride-On Mower offers both side-discharge and mulching modes as standard.In side-discharge mode – which is designed for longer grass – clippings are spread evenly over the lawn surface to the right-hand-side of the machine, where it can be left to wilt-away naturally.In mulching-mode – ideal for regularly mown lawns – cut grass is held underneath the deck and shredded to super-fine particulates which are then forced back into the standing grass by a powerful air-flow. The mulched grass will quickly decompose and vanish, providing the turf with essential sustenance in the process.With its narrow 66cm width-of-cut; compact overall dimensions; and infinite-increment hydrostatic transmission; the Stiga Tornado 1066 H is hard to match in terms of manoeuvrability.It gives you the choice of six preset cutting-heights (30 – 80mm), so you can select the one that will produce your preferred finish; and it features large-diameter drive-wheels (460mm) for gentle traction on delicate surfaces.This model is perfect for lawns up to around 2000m2. A tow-bar is available as an optional accessory.