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Allotment petition

by Diane - May 7th, 2014.
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Recent allotment petition has got a response from the government

They say there is no cghange planned to current allotment laws.
But they also say:
In January 2014, the department published allotment disposal guidance: safeguards and alternatives replacing the previous guidance from 2002. The new guidance strengthens allotment protection, as the requirement for waiting lists to be taken into account must now be rigorously applied to all that council’s waiting lists, not just the waiting list for the site to be disposed of. This aims to ensure that poorly maintained sites are not used to justify disposal.

I think the important thing this means is that you should be on the waiting list of allotments if you want an allotment. Do not be fobbed off by councils not wanting to add you to lists. Ask where you are on the list every year. Go and visit the sites and speak to the site secretarys.

If you want a plot then go and get on the list. Don’t just make do with sharing someone else’s plot, get on the list yourself.