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Garden canes – on ebay

by Diane - May 8th, 2014.
Filed under: allotment, Ebay.

garden canesGarden canes – great value on ebay

I have just ordered some 8ft canes.

3ft x 50 (10-12mm diameter)
3ft x 100 (10-12mm diameter)
3ft x 150 (10-12mm diameter)
3ft x 200 (10-12mm diameter)
3ft x 250 (10-12mm diameter)
4ft x 50 (12-14mm diameter)
4ft x 100 (12-14mm diameter)
4ft x 150 (12-14mm diameter)
4ft x 200 (12-14mm diameter)
4ft x 250 (12-14mm diameter)
5ft x 50 (12-14mm diameter)
5ft x 100 (12-14mm diameter)
5ft x 150 (12-14mm diameter)
5ft x 200 (12-14mm diameter)
6ft x 50 (12-14mm diameter)
6ft x 100 (12-14mm diameter)
6ft x 150 (12-14mm diameter)
7ft x 50 (12-14mm diameter)
7ft x 100 (12-14mm diameter)
7ft x 125 (12-14mm diameter)
8ft x 50 (14-16mm diameter)
8ft x 100 (14-16mm diameter)
8ft x 125 (14-16mm diameter)
10ft x 10 (14-16mm diameter)
10ft x 20 (14-16mm diameter)
10ft x 25 (14-16mm diameter)
10ft x 50 (14-16mm diameter)