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Price reductions at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - May 9th, 2014.
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Price reduction on this item at Gardens and Homes Direct

Open Frame Premium Solid Timber Composter

Open Frame Premium Solid Timber Composter was £45.99 now £39.99
A sturdy and durable heavy-duty traditional open-frame composter: Make free, organic, nitrogen rich garden compost out of kitchen and garden waste with our Open Frame Solid Timber Composter. Constructed from FSC Certified solid timber the classic open-frame, slatted design allows fast decomposition as the compost absorbs oxygen, breaking it down more quickly whilst dispelling unwanted odours. There is probably no better conditioner or mulch for any soil-type than naturally rotted garden compost, reducing your carbon footprint whilst saving you money.Features:• Pressure-treated, durable wooden frame.• FSC Certified sourced solid timber.• Quick and simple slot-together assembly.Dimensions:Height 60cm/24inWidth 100cm/39in SquareCapacity 439 litres