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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - May 10th, 2014.
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New items today at Suttons Seeds

Psychedelic Basket or Container Plant Collection

Psychedelic Basket or Container Plant Collection £19.98
An unusual but striking collection of colourful plants to liven up your hanging baskets or containers. This collection of large garden ready plug plants features Orange Begonia, Purple Petunia, Impatiens and Lobelia.

Seed Potatoes - Late Season Patio Starter Kit

Seed Potatoes – Late Season Patio Starter Kit £13.99
Grow some mouth-watering late season new potatoes on your very own doorstep with our special Patio Potato Starter Kit. The kit comprises tough woven polyethylene planters – 45cm (18) high x 35cm (14) wide – and late season tubers of the three varieties. So you can look forward to a bumper harvest in the smallest of places! All you need to do is provide the compost – full instructions provided. Contents: 6 Patio Planter Bags + 6 tubers each of Nicola, Maris Peer and Charlotte.Nicola – A smooth-skinned yellow potato with a great flavour. Perfect for boiling and salads. Our most popular summer planting variety, planted late summer for a second crop late harvest.Maris Peer – A reliable and well known favourite yielding mellow-tasting round white tubers. Eat them warm or save and use in salads as they will not discolour after cooking. Resistant to scab which can be a problem in dry, late summer soils.Charlotte – Colour – white. Shape – round. A recent introduction; a good cropper; great for fries.

Begonia Plants - On Top Twin Pack

Begonia Plants – On Top Twin Pack £12.99
These mesmerising tuberous begonias will delight you with their huge double blooms, which can be up to an impressive 10cm (4) across! Available in two spectacular colours. Height 30cm (12). Twin pack contains 30 plants (15 of each variety) – Sun Glow and Pink Halo.

Linaria Plants - Sweeties Mix

Linaria Plants – Sweeties Mix £11.99
A profusion of baby snapdragon flowers in an amazing range of colours. Flowers June-September. Height 20cm (8).

Calendula Plants - Porcupine

Calendula Plants – Porcupine £11.99
An easy to grow variety whose flowers are edible and ideal in salads. Distinctive quilled petals. Fascinating for kids. Height 45cm (18).

Mesembryanthemum Plants - Lemon Sparkles

Mesembryanthemum Plants – Lemon Sparkles £11.99
Dazzling daisy flowers, and small succulent leaves that appear to have been sprinkled with sugar. Flowers July-September. Height 10cm (4).

Emilia Plants - Irish Poet

Emilia Plants – Irish Poet £11.99
An unusual and attractive item with fluffy orange flower heads held in clusters on slender stems. Often grown for cut flowers and for informal bedding schemes. Height 50cm (20).

Cornflower Plants - Classic Fantastic

Cornflower Plants – Classic Fantastic £11.99
Re-selected and improved variety with double flowers in various shades of blue. Ideal for cutting. Height 75cm (30).

Cucumber Grafted Plants - F1 Grandal

Cucumber Grafted Plants – F1 Grandal £11.97
Great flavoured small cucumber. Mildew resistant. Can be picked as fine slim 7.5cm (3?) to larger 15cm fruit (6?).