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Automatic vent for greenhouse window

by Diane - May 12th, 2014.
Filed under: Greenhouses.

A really useful thing to have – ideal for those not able to be on hand to open the greenhouse window when the sun comes out!

Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

Opens and closes standard greenhouse windows automatically
Simple to fit, needs only basic DIY skills
Designed to last many seasons
UK manufacturer with over 50 years experience of autovents
Protects your plants automatically from the worst heat damage that can occur in an unventilated greenhouse

When the sun comes out temperatures can soar in your greenhouse. You should open the window to help heat escape and stop the plants baking! This comes with many new greenhouses but if it doesn’t then it’s not hugely expensive and will give you peace of mind that your plants will get ventilation even if you’re not able to be there to open the window.