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Ants in my compost heap

by Diane - May 13th, 2014.
Filed under: allotment.

I have ants in my compost heap (or bed, raised bed, garden, under slabs, outside etc) what do I do?

Ants like to nest in dry places.

So the logical way of getting rid of them is to make their home wet.

You can do this by simply applying water.

If I read one more stupid thread about people being encouraged to go out and buy products to get rid of ants I will scream.
The ants are harmless and will go away if you water their home. Rain water, tap water, doesn’t really matter. If you have money burning a whole in your pocket then go and buy bottled water to pour on them. Do not pour crazy chemicals or ant powders all over your soil.

It’s a waste of money and bad for the soil.

If they’re in a compost bin then leave the lid off and let the rain go in.

If you read on facebook or forums about people suggesting chemicals then just tell them NO!