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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - May 15th, 2014.
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PondKeeper reduced the price on these products today

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb - 3 pack

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb – 3 pack was £39.99 now £29.98
New fast acting water conditioner that can be placed in your filter box or straight into the pond itself.
The bomb contains millions of healthy bacteria to help clean up organic sludge, disable nitrate and bring your pond back into perfect balance.

PondXpert Greenstop 9000 UVC - 11 Watt

PondXpert Greenstop 9000 UVC – 11 Watt was £44.99 now £39.99
A pond UVC exposes your pond water to poerful UV rays. These rays cause the microscopic algae to floculate (stick together) – forming larger particles which sink to the bottom of the pond, get picked up by your pond pump and then get caught in the pond filter sponges.
This entry-level model is perfect for ponds up to 9000 litres (2000 gallons).

PondXpert Greenstop 15000 UVC - 18 Watt

PondXpert Greenstop 15000 UVC – 18 Watt was £59.99 now £49.99
PondXpert does it again….a robust UVC at a rock bottom price.
This budget UV offers a lot of power for the price!
Perfect for getting rid of green water in small ponds.

PondXpert Greenstop 23000 UVC - 36 Watt

PondXpert Greenstop 23000 UVC – 36 Watt was £79.99 now £54.99
This pond UV will clear up your green pond water instantly.
As time moves on the typical pondkeeper is using a bigger UVC to establish clear water. 36 watts is becoming the standard UV size in the UK and this unit offers tremendous value for money.

PondXpert Greenstop 40000 UVC - 55 Watt

PondXpert Greenstop 40000 UVC – 55 Watt was £99.99 now £74.99
GreenStop UV units from PondXpert offer unbeatable value for money. This 55 watt version is the most powerful in the range and is perfect for big ponds up to 40,000 litres 9perfect for smaller ponds too – the smaller the pond the clearer the water will be).

PondXpert GreenStop Pro UVC 36w

PondXpert GreenStop Pro UVC 36w was £99.99 now £79.99
NEW – This is an incredibly innovative Ultraviolet Clarifier which will clear ponds of green water up to 23000 Litres. Optimum sterilisation occurs with a flow rate of 6000lph and there is a flow adjuster on the unit to control the flow. The unit will work with higher flows